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Yea the same litter has prices for puppies ranging from $700-1,500! (Depending on the coat color.) The one post was someone asking to see the parent dogs work and they said no.

You'll do better by posting your general location here and those with the knowledge will suggest someone to contact.

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I do not know these people, but from the website I got the feeling that they may be fairly new breeders - mainly based on the fact that each dog on their website is imported. I may be wrong, but it seems that they bought a bunch of imported dogs to start a breeding business. I like that they have a few photos of their dogs herding and that they are trying to have herding clinics (suspended for now because of lack of participation).


There is a lot of additional information that I would need to see/hear to determine if I would want to buy a pup from them.


One thing about breeders, you are not only buying a pup, but you are also buying the knowledge and future advice from the breeder - at least that is my opinion. I think that mentoring is more important if you are not an very experienced BC owner.



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A local Lab breeder out here has a very important question on their intake/puppy request form: "Are you willing to wait to get the right puppy?" Number one is to find a breeder that is reputable, reliable, and does good responsible care with the dogs and puppies. But a close number two is not to rush it (in my opinion). Even when there is a litter available, the 'right' puppy for you may not be in it. Sometimes a bit of patience and/or waiting for the next litter is what it takes to get the right match between owner and new pup. Sometimes there's a good match right away. I'm just suggesting you let this possibility be among your considerations.

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See if you can get up with Lyle Lad. She's near Cincinnati/Northern KY. She can steer you the right direction.


What Robin said!!!


Be wary of the distinction between "working lines" and "working bred". Twin Cedars smacks of the former (though I don't know the people, so can't tell for sure). Lyle Lad is definitely the latter. I'd trust her to be able to point you to a puppy that would suit your needs.


All Border collies can claim to be from "working lines".


As I said, I don't know of the Twin Cedars folk. Do they train or trial their dogs to a demanding level? What's the basis for their breeding operation? According to their website, they no longer hold clinics (I don't recognize the name of the clinician they used to work with, though that may not mean much). The photo makes it look as if they have a LOT of dogs. Do they serve a purpose other than churning out puppies?


I'm with Jovi, I get the sense that they're in the 'breeding business'. I do know reputable breeders who derive a not insubstantial fraction of their income from the puppies they breed, so I wouldn't automatically rule someone out for this reason alone - but the people I have in mind have a well-established reputation of breeding excellent dogs. They're top handlers themselves and know how to objectively evaluate their own pups. I'm happy supporting this sort of reputable breeder, because I know they work hard to better the breed. Are the Twin Cedars folk equipped to do this? Why would anyone buy a puppy from someone who doesn't know how to better the breed? It's more than just putting two dogs with nice pedigrees together.


I could be wrong, I'd just rather see more about the accomplishments of dogs they've bred. Even MAH imported some nice dogs. It didn't make her the sort of breeder I'd like a pup from. Not saying these folk are in her league, just commenting on what I sense that's missing from the Twin Cedars website.

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