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  1. Thanks for all the help! Sweep isn't a soft dog, but he's not hard either. When I did take him to sheep I was encouraging and just stopped when he started barking and lunging at them. I've been doing a lot of obedience and all it took to make him stop and come was a, "That'll do!" and he came to me. I didn't correct him, just stopped the session. I think I will keep working on 'here', 'that'll do', Lie down' and walking nicely on a leash to prepare him for Angie in the fall. I'm sure Lyle will help with some advise at the clinic as well. One last bit of direction from Angie:
  2. Thanks Sue. Sweep is very biddable. I'm new to herding and wondered how harsh a correction may be in herding. He resonds well to pressure, even if I lean forward a bit. I am taking him to a Lyle Lad clinic in May. I did email Angie, where he is going for training. She just replied:
  3. Please explain by what you mean by, "A dog that can take a correction."
  4. I have a 9 month old pup that I have taken to sheep a few times starting at 7 1/2 months old in a very controlled environment to protect him and the sheep. The first few times he lacked confidence and shyed away. I made the training very short, about 5 minutes but kept taking him to sheep. His next phase was getting close to the sheep and barking. I them put him on a line, per the trainers advise and just walked behind the sheep keeping him under control. This seemed to have helped as now he is starting to balance at times and his tail is down and he seems to be starting to get it.
  5. There are only 4 working spots left at this clinic. You can register HERE
  6. Lyle Lad Clinic When: May 3 and 4 Where: The Spicy Lamb Farm (Peninsula, Ohio) Cost: $200 whole weekend working spots $50/day Audit The Spicy Lamb is located in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park and raises Dorsett Sheep. Round Pen and Big field for training. Lunch will be provided Both Days. Limited Space for RV's with only NO hookups Registration will Open Monday March 17th. Register Here
  7. ISDS is now on Facebook. It may be a good page to follow for anyone interested.
  8. I would like to know your opinion of sheep versus cow herding. Which takes more skill, more power? What kind of dog do you look for for each each type of stock?. Do Border collies that herd cows use eye like they do with sheep? Are cow herding BC's bred differently?
  9. I had no idea about Border Wars. Thanks for the input. I do not like Bully Breeds. I mean all the bully breeds from pits to staffies. I was bitten on my hands. arms and ankle requiring 3 skin graphs and weeks in the hospital. I was training one in a class. It was with it's owners, I turned my back to walk away and it attacked and would not quit, Completely unprovoked. It was a rescue and clearly has some issues. In training dogs I find the most aggressive and the ones with the most issues of are pit mix rescues. Admittedly I am bias. I would never want one around me e
  10. Not sure if any of you know about this website, DogsBite.org but it is pretty much pro BSL. But I find it interesting for a few reasons. Loads of statistics and they put a face and background on all the bully attacks and deaths. Another resource I read is the Border Wars Blog, a lot of things about BC's, mostly genetics, and some other breeds. Not too long ago there was a blog about PB's, the comments are very interesting and most come from sound scientific background. You might want to take a peek at the blog about PB's.. if for no other reason to broaden your horizons. This blog is d
  11. I think bully breeds are a problem. They have been bred to fight for hundreds of years. Like a border collie herds, fighting is bred into their genetics. You can't change that. Selective breeding has made them what they are today. One of the many things that bother me is all the rescues labeling them as lab mixes when it clear from the pictures they are bully mixes. Then you have the nanny moms, who think all of them should be saved and can be placed in any home. In my opinion this is a dangerous strategy. I don't know what the answer is. I do know I do not trust the breed.
  12. Agree. He does do it when he is bored. As soon as I start walking or want to play with him he stops and engages in play or training. I can see how it can turn into an OCD behavior.
  13. I doubt the behavior is OCD, but could be wrong. He loves to run. It's not difficult to distract him from this behavior by calling or playing with him. He doesn't show any other signs of being OCD. He is not a farm bred dog. On paper he has a good working pedigree. His mom s out of Aled Owen's Bob and Janet Beale's Astra Bute, who is out of Sweep, who won the ISC in 1998. Fly comes from along line of Champion dogs. Her half brother won the 2007 International and her father won it in 2000. I know Astra dogs aren't popular on this board. His dad is Brock, an open trial winner, has
  14. I have a 16 week old pup that always, at any chance he gets, runs huge circles when I let him out. The total ground he covers is about 100 yards. He runs like the wind when he does this but always comes back to me, even if I don't call him. He does this at least a dozen times a day. he always runs counter clockwise. It's really his favorite thing to do. My yard is not fenced and he is never out alone. he did the same thing at my friends home in his yard. Every time he was let out he would run in as big of a circle as his fenced yard allowed. I kid and tell people he practicing h
  15. The AKC Therapy title is not certified through AKC. The test is done through Delta or TDI. After 50 therapy visits you can pay $20 and AKC can give you a Therapy Dog Title, oh IF you are registered with AKC. What a gimmick this is! Delta and TDI do the testing, certification and provide insurance for the working teams and AKC gets to hand them a piece of paper (title) and let them put some worthless initials after the dogs name and pic up $20. If it's AKC, it's about the money!
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