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How does IBCA compaire with ABCA ?

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It's not 'international', it's a made up name for puppy millers (with a somewhat psychedelic website), they almost make the AKC look good.


IBCA should noo be confused with the 'old' AIBCA working registry.


What is as close to an 'international' registry would be the ISDS, which is 'the' original registry http://www.isds.org.uk/


The ISDS does have reciprocal registration agreements with other working registry like the ABCA and CBCA but obviously not with the so called IBCA.


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Thanks. I wasn't getting one just curious and I knew if anyone would know about them it would be you guys. So just to clarify ABCA ( of course ) and ISDS are the registry's that you want your pup registered with. Is ISDS all imported dogs?


Another question not related. Why do dogs for a lack of words scratch the ground after going potty? My GDS male does with his back feet on occasion but my BC bitch does it with all four feet after she pees.

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IBCA is as valid (or not) as the "award" you can download and proudly display on your puppy-marketing website - "Ethical Breeder Awared". As everyone said, stay far away. Just because someone describes themselves or something as having a particular virtue or being a particular thing, does not make it so or give it value or validity.

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