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  1. Looks like the 'neural crest hypothesis' gained a lot of traction in the popular press (eg was reported by The Economist and others) but the original paper is careful to characterize it as an interesting hypothesis that requires much more research. Original paper: http://www.genetics.org/content/197/3/795.full (see two last paragraphs of the conclusion) Looks that it's at the 'that's an interesting idea' stage rather than well substantiated. I'm not ready to buy into it yet, how would it explain some dogs have pointy ears and others not, or why do some BC puppy ear sets change on a daily basis (being facetious here, it is an interesting idea but is it cause, consequence or coincidence). P.S.: elephants have floppy ears ;-)
  2. Was probably Nova on PBS "Dogs decoded", fox experiment starts at 36m20s or so (there are some border collies starting at 27m with a pup and then Betsy and the 300words she knows) http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/dogs-decoded/
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domesticated_silver_fox http://cbsu.tc.cornell.edu/ccgr/behaviour/Index.htm Phrenology? No but perhaps nephrology (since it may be linked to adrenal gland function but endocrinology would be better term). Lower hormonal production likely linked to tamer behaviour. Different hormonal level also expressed genes differently, which can lead to different looks and behaviours. Looking different and acting different happen simultaneously, but not yet proven if they are linked. A->B, and A->C does not necessarily mean B and C go together (but does show a correlation).
  4. 'large quantity of metal due to vaccines' Very highly doubtful that it is due to vaccines. How did they measure the metal content? If there was too much metal, I would suspect drink-food or recipients for them way way way before vaccines!
  5. Just got it today. Took a week between ordering and delivery (to Canada). Played without any issues using the xbox has DVD player. The dogs looked so happy, certainly made me smile.
  6. Somewhat disappointing that it's not 16:9 HD format and instead old analog 4:3 format. Actually kind of mind boggling a film-maker would film in low res nowadays! It is possible to somewhat do a decent conversion but requires good tools and some work.
  7. Will shipping to Canada be available (at higher $ I assume)?
  8. He can delay, but meanwhile the 11 or so dogs from the last seizure are with rescue.
  9. How is she when travelling but not to go to a trial? Obviously if she was stressed the night before the trial, the battle was lost before it even started. Less obvious is why or how to get her in a better state of mine to game day, at least to give her a fighting chance. As Mark said, is she sensing something in her handler?
  10. GHF posted an update a couple days ago: http://glenhighlandfarm.com/sprakers.htm 17 dogs with other rescues (NEBCR, BRBCR) 18+1 at GHF, the last one bolted during transit and was found after an extensive and tragic search where one volunteer lost his dog to a freak car accident. 11 dogs from the last seizure still in limbo with a court case on 10 March.
  11. carea leones? ... oups, just saw in the facebook comment that it's not it.
  12. Could be... but I certainly don't remember posting in the wrong thread and reposting to the correct thread!!! Was quite surprised to see that post in here today.
  13. Forum glitch??? How did post #12 and #13 who come from a thread in another section get inserted in this discussion???? they are in the from the Bellaclan thread in politics and culture!?!
  14. ABCA video on how trial work relates to practical work
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