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I am so amazed with my 10 weeks old BC pup. I heard/read crate training takes some time and effort. She loves it from the start.


I left the door open with tons of chew stuff (with strong flavor) and toys. I only let her chew them in there. She would go in and stays for hours from the start! If she is outside and the door is closed, she would ask me to let her in!


Maybe it was the chewing stuff and because I left the door open--and then closed it when she got hooked. Reversed psychology?

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lol Ripley is the same way! I have had to take his crate apart to get him out for bed time! and if the door is closed he will drive you crazy trying to open the door! I have to hold him back so I can get something out of the crate for him, he will just run straight it! happy is the same way flyball dogs, go figer!

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