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Dog Runs off and doesn't want to go on walks

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Our border collie has always been afraid of noise, especially construction, which happens here at home and hopefully will be over with in a year. But she loves the chain saw and we have to keep her away from it when cutting up wood-just hates compressor, nail gun, and other noises. So she learned this year that she can go up the hill if the front screen is accidently left unlocked, and she always goes to a medicial building where she gets attendtion from people who are coming and going. The other day she pushed the gate open when my husband turned on the compressor and began running and wouldn't stop when I called her, which I almost don't except due to her fear. Of course, it was to the medical building again, the only place around with no dogs barking.


Also, if she and I are in the yard, where there is no fence, I have to keep an eye on her, and she knows that she shouldn't leave the yard but leaves when my back is turned. (There is no place to tie her off, and she loves the front yard.) So yesterday, I watched her, and she got up and headed for the street and kept looking back to see if I was watching her. I was going to yell "Stop" if she were going that way. I quickly put my head down each time to see if she were actually going to go up the hill again. Then she caught me watching her and stopped and went and laid down. So she knows that she isn't supposed to leave. One day she left when I was using an electric screwdriver on the front porch, which I didn't realize would bother her because I wasn't thinking since I had never used it before. I walked up the hill and this time I scolded her by yelling "get home." The following day we were bringing in groceries, and turned around and had to go get her at the medical building again. I don't scold her because I just don't think it would work since I tried it once and don't know the right thing to do. I have often asked myself if she is bored, wants a new home, or just wants to find people to pet her so she goes up there?


And recently she has gotten to where if I take her for a walk she wants to turn around and come home because other dogs are barking behind their fences, and yet she wants to meet dogs who are smaller than her and are out in their front yard barking, but if she met them she would charge at them due to her fear aggression, so I don't allow this. And if she sees someone walking, she wants to go meet them. In the evening, I will spend an hour with her by petting and combing her. Not that she wouldn't get petted at other times since we are always home or take her with us when we go places. But I feel like she should have been in a big family, but with her fear aggression some child would get hurt like I did in the past until she learned to not hit me in the face with her nose when she was scared, such as my wanting to dry her with a towel.


And I try to play ball with her, and some days she wants to and other days, no way. She does tire easily because I can't build up her strength because she would rather lie down. But I keep trying.


She is seven years old if anyone needs to know and 10 lbs. overweight.










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Well.... she sounds like she could use a long line when outdoors. Where there are not any construction tools that is. I would also look into a couple of books like Control Unleashed and Click to Calm. These might give you some ideas to help her with her fears and self control.

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You may get more answers in the General Discussion category since this category is for training dogs on livestock. Try reposting there.


Having said that, I would also use a long line while you are outside. And tie her to yourself. It can be a pain sometimes, but by controlling her wandering, hopefully that bad habit with diminish. Glad to hear that you are not scolding her since that may produce the opposite of what you want.


Yes, she may be bored, but she is also finding great reinforcement from the people at the medical building since they pet her - which she seems to like. What do you do when you call her and she comes? Are you making it THE. BEST. THING. EVER? It sounds like you should be doing recall training and giving her extremely high rewards (excellent food or play with a toy) when she does come.



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hi gcv,


normally she comes to me when i call her. just that she was too afraid to listen, which still isnt good. i will do the long leash.


i never thought to reward her when she comes. that is a great idea. i will try the food reward. sometimes she takes too long to come, like she is lollygagging. i will try these.

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