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Hopefully you'll hear from someone more experienced with Aussies on this. I have a fast border collie, who's a wonder at agility (she wonders why she got stuck with such an incompetent handler....), and have seen lots of both breeds at agility trials. I'd say as far as agility goes - either would be great! Border collies may be a bit faster, overall - but with slow (mentally and physically) handlers like myself, a slightly slower dog would be just fine! We've been beat by Aussies many times because of mistakes made ("speed kills").


I'd advise you to do more research on the two breeds as far as living with them. Unless you're a professional (and I'm assuming you're not!), you'll be spending considerably more time with the dog doing non-agility things. Even the die-hards have "down" time!


My personal opinion is also that you'll do well by rescue. Mine is/was, and I couldn't have asked for a better companion AND agility dog. You could start getting some weirdnesses that might be hard to live with, if you pursue dog bred specifically for agility ability (either breed) - or you might get lucky, and get a great dog. But do consider rescue - those dogs may not get a chance otherwise!


Where are you located?



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I'm in NC. I got into agility primarily to give my Jack Russell an outlet for his pent-up energy. It is a fabulous way for both of us to get some exercise. I am not looking for a dog that is "bred for agility" per se. I am interested in keeping the dog happy and agility seems to do this for my JRT. I don't know much about the temperament differences, health issues, etc between the two breeds. Thanks for the reply.

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Aussies, like BC's can vary greatly. Some of the working bred lines can be very similar in all ways (including having eye, balance etc in herding). Most Aussies are show bred and lack much of the drive, intensity and structure of the working bred dogs. From my experience ( I work with alot of Aussie owners) they tend to be more handler oriented than the average BC. They seem more sensitive to their owners moode etc.


Regardless of which breed you choose, lok into it throughly and investigate all aspects--talk with working owners as well as those who use their dogs for other sports. Get the overall picture then decide which way you want to go.



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We have both a BC and an Aussie they are much alike yet quite different in temperment. As for agility, they both do it and the Aussie is a bit faster than the BC. But as in earlier posts the dogs vary. I have heard of BC's being faster than their Aussie and vice versa. Look back at older posts on the general discussion board and there will be more discussions on BC vs Aussie.

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