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newbies to agility

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I'm hoping to start a thread on the mishaps and triumphs of newbie agility dogs. Funny stuff ect.

My two are in their 11th week of training and boy can it be fun and frustrating. I even went as far as to buy some equipment for practicing at home. Of course my male Aussie is afraid of it but does just fine in class. Lets hear some fun stuff okay? :rolleyes:

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One of my funniest agility moments was at a fun match when my BC Skye got on the dog walk and continued to run from one end to the other; I couldn't get him off and after about the 4th time, I grabbed him off the middle. He's since gone on to earn an USDAA ADCH and is still competitive at 10+ years of age!

Barb S

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One weekend we were doing NADAC and were in the fun and hilarious Gamblers class.It's a blast yet can be stressful because you have 45 seconds to do any obstacles for points and can even repeat the same obstacles and hope when the whistle blows you are near the "Gamble".So we did tunnels and Aframe and repeated them twice in a row.No problem until the next weekend when we were in an AKC trial and when Belle was supposed to do a tunnel and then the Aframe and then off to a jump she decided to repeat the tunnel 3 times and then do the Aframe several times.Like "will you knock it off".I just laughed knowing we screwed up and really did say that to her the third round of the aframe.And she was just laughing and flipping me off.Weeee mom this is fun.Uggh.


Sue Barta

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