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At best guess, fullblooded BC or no?

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The mother was for sure a border collie, albeit I don't know what quality of breeding she came from, and dad is a mystery - but they are surrounded by other small farms so another herding dog would be likely, though not necessarily for sure.


Ambrosia, my girl, is the tricolor puppy. She's 11 weeks now and super smart, even though we've only had her the last two weeks. Already knows most things I would expect of an adult dog if I met one on the street, though nothing extra right now. Just the basic commands, and even then she's not 100% but probably 80% on them. Overall, not bad. Not bad at all.


Anyway, I doubt she's full BC but at the same time she's not striking a chord with any other breed to me. I do know that tricolor is recessive though, and that narrows it down a bit. I will be doing a DNA test later on but was wondering what people thought.



The mother.



Ambrosia looking pretty.



Face shot.



Ambrosia and her brother Patches, who lives next door.


All guesses are welcome! Her breed doesn't super matter to me, I just am wondering. She seems really border collie to me, but I don't think I've ever met an actual purebred border collie puppy before and pictures on the internet do me no good. Thanks.

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She looks like a full BC at the moment, but like PSmitty said, as she gets older you may be able to see another breed in her. Whatever she is, she's adorable! I don't usually put much trust in the DNA tests. I know some people whose DNA test results came back as something very unbelievable. I'm sure some members of the board have some stories. :) Anyway, especially in the world of border collies, mix is just as good as purebred (in most cases), as long as the do the job they are supposed to do. Have fun with the pup! They don't last long. :) I just got my pup a few weeks ago and she's growing fast!

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oh, won't even venture a guess as to what the cross is, physical appearance can be extremely misleading which is not helped by the fact that border collies can have such a deviation in appearance. But, if the owners of dam didn't have a male dog what are the chances that the random male that wandered in and bred her was a border collie? Probably pretty low... unless their neighbors have unaltered border collies running around.

So, I would say not likely to be purebred border collie

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Thanks for all the answers.

There were a lot of herding dogs around, both tied up, with their owner, and just roaming their yard especially border collie. The area more or less a bunch (the whole town except the center, as far as I could tell) of square farms all on a grid. Small meaning, maybe a half acre? And I did not see one fence over 5 ft. and most gates from the driveway were open. Goats, sheep, whatever the owners wanted all on small scale. That's why I think it's likely.


I get a lot of people saying she or her brother look half lab... Which I don't see at all. Then when I say "No, can't be. Never seen a tricolor labrador or retreiver and tricoloring is recessive." Which, being the only genetic nerd in town, pretty much shuts people down.

Like I said, it really doesn't matter and it's too early to tell anyway, I just think it's fun to guess.

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