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  1. He is a cutie. My Rebel is tri colored. Remember he is still trying to figure stuff out. just be patient
  2. He seems to be able to know the difference when he is out working the cows and then being gentle around my Mom.
  3. Rebel is long haired (12 years old) . I don't recall his fur doing that but I do have him on fish oil.
  4. Yes, you are right about how much joy a dog can bring to a senior's life. HAHAHA...Yep Mom was just piddling out in the back yard
  5. Welcome...and hello from Tennessee!...Your dogs are just beautiful.
  6. It will take some time but keep working and socializing your border collie. We have a rescue dog, Comet (She is a retriever though) and it took us a long time to work through her fears. She gets along great with our border collies. Just keep doing what you are doing and be patient.
  7. Yela is beautiful. My daughter went to spain back in December and loved it. Congrats on your puppy!
  8. Last week when we got our new 8 year old Border Collie, Jake we took him by my Mom's house. She is 77 years old. My mom has a little miniature pinscher and both Jake and her dog got along great. Well my Mom asked me over the weekend if she could babysit Jake while I was at work. At first I thought it might be too much for her but after careful consideration we decided to drop Jake off this morning while we were both at work. After about two hours of work, my Mom called and she had been throwing the ball to Jake and he had been following her around while she piddled out in the fenced in back yard. I just went to to her house for lunch to check on both of them and he was lying at her feet while she ate some lunch. The reason I am telling you this story is that my father passed away last year and Jake brought a big smile to my Mom today. She had to tell me everything they did and how she hopes I will bring him back tomorrow to play with her dog and also to pal around with her. I told her as long as she does not spoil him. As he has to work the cows when he gets home. Jake sure has made an impression.
  9. Sounds like your dog is bored. Just being stubborn like kids. I would suggest lay off the training for a few days and then next time you give her a command do not reward her. She has to understand she is not going to get a treat all the time.
  10. Wow. I am also behind in my training too...HA
  11. Hi, I went through the same thing with Rebel. We found that he is allergic to fleas. If one so much as gets on him, his skin turns red and he itches, gets scabs, etc. Course, there are other things we do for him as well. After talking to the vet, we give him one flea pill a month (Comfortis). The spray stuff and even the frontline does not work. Plus, we had to change his food. We only give him lamb and rice. We don't give him any of the dog food snacks either unless it is an organic kind. I have found that during the change of the seasons his allergies get the best of him. Here is what we did....When allergy season starts and he starts itching alot we give him benadryl every day (vet suggested). Then when his skin got really bad the vet had to give us an antibiotic. Rebel was really bad like your dog. Once we started him on the Comfortis, changed his food, and once the vet gave him the antibotics things started easing up. Now I give him a flea pill once a month, he eats only lamb/rice and we have not had a problem sense. The main thing is with the patches of skin he has chewed or itched off. He needs to be on an antibiotic. This can cause an infection. Hope this helps.
  12. Here are pictures of Jake with hubby. He is eight years old and seems to be enjoying his new life. Jake has been with the same trainer/owner. He wanted Jake to have a good home. Our two border collies, Scout and Rebel have embraced him into the family. Our rescue dog, Comet (retriever) wasn't so sure about him. She is slowly warming up to him. There have been no fights and everyone seems to be happy.
  13. We have two Border Collies, Scout (14 years of age), Rebel (13 years of age) and our rescue dog, Comet (Retriever). Monday afternoon we drove up to Mike's place in Portland TN. Mike trains Border Collies and this is where Scout and Rebel came from. We have been thinking of adding another BC to our farm for a few months. We were not looking for color or certain characteristics. Just a BC that would fit our family and what we need on the farm. Scout has slowed down alot as well as Rebel. Mike had a few dogs for sale. We knew we wanted a dog that was out of a certain blood line and so that narrowed our choices. We liked TY alot, he is 18 months old. But then Mike said, I have a BC that was born here and I have had him for 8 years. I am getting older and would prefer that Jake only go to a good home. I know you guys have had Scout and Rebel a long time and that tells me Jake would be in good hands If your interested. Well it was as if Jake picked us out. Soon as he came out, he greeted us and then we watched him work the cows. Soon as Hubby saw Jake work the cows I had a feeling we would be coming home with Jake. Taylor, our youngest daughter was hoping we would get Ty and Jake but we explained that it was a hard choice and we were not going home with two (tempting as it was). Besides one day we will get a pup from Jake. Mike wants us to keep him as a stud and would like to use him with his female BC. So today we are off to go get Jake and give him a forever home. Just so you know our youngest daughter will be leaving for college in August. On the way home, Taylor said "So I go off to college and you replace me with a Border Collie". What's wrong with this picture? We just laughed and smiled. She does have a point huh?
  14. Yes, I agree with everyone on this board. Not all Border Collie's like kids. Make sure that you include your Border Collie with the baby because like any human kid they can become jealous of the new baby. You definitely don't want the BC herding the baby when they start crawling, toddling around.
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