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Exercises to improve passing onto dogs

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I'd like suggestions on how to work on my dog passing onto other dogs in Flyball.


The issue I'm having is if I let her go before another dogs passes her she'll turn around and chase the other dog instead of running straight to the box. So far I've just been running her first, or with very, very wide passes. Coming off the course she's fine - nice and straight and focused on me. (Yesterday I heard her bark once each time a dog would pass onto her but as of yet I don't see it as cause for concern.) We're really new to the sport and have kind of been thrown into the deep end with it, but Cohen has greatly impressed me with her ability to pick it up, with the exception of this one issue.


What sort of exercises do people do to work on passing? What sort of management techniques?


She's more food motivated than toy.



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Wow - is there another flyball team in town? Because hearing you saw "tossed into the deep end" for passing is not cool.


All of these exercises will require a team that wants to work on this and has practice regularly.


Opposite direction recalls. Shorter is better, farther away is better. Get closer and longer over time. The handler for the "other dog" should be slightly behind the dog being released. You can also use a gate to make two "lanes".


Set up two lanes of jumps and do the same opposite direction recalls but with each dog in their own lane. Move the jumps closer and closer together until the uprights are touching. Start having the dogs go at the same time so that while they are in their "lane" they are both moving.


If at anytime, the green dog loses focus, back up TWO steps and/or take a break.


Then make a set of wider jumps using two boards but one set of uprights. Same opposite directional recalls. If the green dog is stronger taking a pass (going into the box) - then work more on giving a pass (coming from the box).


Make the jumps regulation width. work on opposite directional recalls with a "pass caller" to get actual passing.


Do full runs again - baby steps of passing and lots of feedback to both handler and green dog.


It can take a few months of this but you get a very strong, confident passer.


Good luck!

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