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Agility in Hawaii

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A family that adopted one of my foster dogs is moving to Hawaii. The move will happen in June, and they will be moving to Honolulu, although they do not know the specific area at this time. He is a military physician so will be working at Camp Smith, just north of Pearl Harbor - so I would imagine that they would locate in that general vicinity. They are planning on flying their dog over, and hopefully continuing with some agility training. They have just started with agility so they are not addicted (yet).


I did a bit of web searching and found some information about agility in Honolulu. Does anyone here know about agility in Hawaii, or maybe you know someone who knows.... I would like to pass on some recommendations for good agility classes rather than let them experiment blindly.


I realize that this may be a shot in the dark considering the distant location, but I thought it was worth a try.




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I train with Andrea Dexter who lives in Renton, Washington, but she does several seminars a year with a club in Hawaii. Andrea's website is agilityflix.com the club name she links to is Far Flung Agility in Hilo and HaHa in Honolulu; there isn't a club link that I saw, but you might be able to google the club name or contact Andrea and she would probably share contact info.


Aloha :)

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Here is the links page at HAHA's (Hawaiian Agility - Oahu) website, listing clubs (easier then listing them all here :)): http://hawaiianagility.com/Links.htm


On that list are Big Island Agility (BIA) and Orchid Isle Agility (OIDA), both on the Big Island. Another on the Big Island is Kukini Dog Agility, http://www.kukinidogagility.com


Oahu holds AKC trials. The Big Island competes in NADAC, UKI, CPE and AKC trials.


Hope this helps!

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