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  1. So their verbal turning cue is based on where the handler is in relation to the turn? Inquiring minds want to know :-).
  2. all good possible reasons in other replies. If I am reading this correct and you do a lot of that oval work, Maybe it's boring for him, as in been there done that. My dog does not do well with repetitions of anything, it seems like she starts thinking that she's doing it wrong and gets worried, even if she's doing it right, so I make sure to break it up and throw in other simple behaviors she knows well. Also sounds like a somewhat chaotic, noisy environment and if he's a sensitive dog it could be affecting him negatively. Sorry I'm on my phone so this may not read easily!
  3. Oh let us know how you like adobe premiere clip. I find Adobe products to have quite the learning curve :-).
  4. Didn't mean to hijack your thread :-).
  5. Ahhh, I tried it a few years ago and thought it more work than just using my computer. Maybe I'll try again.
  6. What app do you use on your iPhone for editing? I find I have so much footage to wade through that I thought it would be harder to edit on my phone then on the computer!
  7. Are you against downloading the videos to your computer to edit them?
  8. Oh, and, chiropractic helps him tremendously, at least until he does something stupid since he has no respect for his body at all
  9. I have a dog with spondylosis that was/is ball crazed and loved to play fetch. Now, instead, I put him in a down and throw the ball and just as the ball stops rolling I release him to go get it. He does not go after it with the intensity that he did when playing fetch so it is much kinder to his body, but we still get to play ball! This seems to be satisfying for both of us, we still get to play ball and we get to work on impulse control all at the same time .
  10. Have you thought of Justine Davenport? With Jessica Patterson in Canada? They are starting an online foundation class. I have not taken their classes, but from watching videos of both of them and their students, just wow! Both ladies do tremendous at international competitions. I hope to attend one of their seminars next year and I'm really excited! Not sure of their business name it should be easy to find. I love Silvia, everything about her training, and yes I do find it challenging to call the directions as she does .
  11. can you just do some little games with him to see if he may actually have that drive you are looking for? Find something he just has to have, and then play hand in collar, other resistance games/play? Of course you may have to build on it a bit as he probably is clueless to playing games . These are games I play with pups to develop drive and relationship and just to have fun. Yes, it is easy (easier) to see/use crazy drive to begin with, but I have found some dogs just have never learned that they can drive to something. One of my dogs had NO drive as a pup, took a few months. I NEVER thought that she would be an agility dog, just a sweet pet dog. She has turned into a very drivey, very fast, very fun, very focused and confident agility partner. I can also appreciate that she can hang and not need be in spaz mode all of the time too. Guess it might depend on where you want to put your energy . Good luck!
  12. Seems to me that 2.5 mths is a short time to expect bonding on a whole. It's even early to expect to see his full personality emerge. These things take time. Unless you know his background, it can be possible that he was given up because he wouldn't stay home/escaped. It may be that there were no repercussions in his doing so and so he thinks that's the way it is. It may be that in his earlier life he had little interaction with humans, let alone with so many at once. It may be that his only companions were other dogs. Do you have a towel or blanket over his crate? Is it in an area where he can observe what's going on, but still be a bit away from the action? Is he left alone by everyone when he goes in his crate to feel safe? I have no experience with Prozak... nor your dog, nor you , but you say he's a couch potato, hummm, Prozak n a couch potato seems like an odd combo. Sorry, on my phone so this is a rather blunt, to the point reply .
  13. I do not know about clinical studies. I only know what I am seeing and feeling. My partner is generally skeptic of everything! Really, ridiculously skeptical and yet he is continuing to take it ( I don't say a word ) as it's the only thing he has added/changed in his diet and his headaches have lessened considerably, in both frequency and intensity. I have seen them bring him to tears in the past. And yes, it stains everything and I have not turned yellow yet .
  14. There's a turmeric users Facebook page created by an Australian vet. I have been using their recipe for bout 3 months. Marked improvement in my thumbs and strength of hands in general, partner is experiencing less severe headaches and he has had them bad for most of his life, my dogs with arthritis/joint issues have improved in stiffness and mobility. I will save you wading thru the tons of posts asking the same questions over n over again . 1/2 cup organic turmeric powder, I get Indus at amazon. 1-2 cups water 1 n 1/2 teas of fresh ground pepper 1/3 cup organic coconut oil. In pan add turmeric n 1 cup water, cook low n add more water as necessary. I have found 1 n 3/4 cups to be the max I've had to use, it seems to depend on the batch of powder. Cook for 7 to 10 minutes, stirring often. Cool slightly n add the pepper n oil. Mix til oil is blended in, put in clean glass jar n refrigerate. Keeps up to a month but best used in 2 wks. Start dogs at about 1/4 teas twice a day n build up. I find 1/2 teas twice a day good for my 45 n 56# dogs. I give a little less for my dogs weighing less. Supposively it does not stay in system longer than 8 hrs so for chronic cases smaller amounts more often r better. I give it to all of my dogs now. For me I started off with 1/2 teas twice a day n am now up to. Heaping teas twice a day. I feel it is very beneficial n it is said it is good for building the immune system. Im on my phone so sorry for splint errors, can't see some of what I wrote .
  15. Go to: https://www.waytoweave.com/2x2-12-poles-six-2-pole-units-p/2x2_12.htm and hit the technical specs tab lower on the page, lots of info. You will also need to consider how you will connect them. His are powder coated. I had an old set that had 21" spacing and cut and re welded them to create 24" spacing. I spray painted them with rust oleum, first priming them. The finish is holding up as well as my powder coated set ( I live in a warm, high humidity area). Just a thought if you are trying to save money.
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