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Flint, the dynamo, is just about 9 months old. Cricket and Dusty are approaching 10-11 years old. They can play for a while but it is evident that they are not up to Flint's energy level. So, with the DH's blessing, I'm in the hunt for another young dog. Personally, I was hoping for another minature schnauzer like Zachary, who had the energy to keep up with Jazz but DH wants a dog that is bigger so he can train him to pull the kicksled with Flint next winter.

I'm in no rush, not looking for a puppy but probably a 1-2 year old male and likely a BC cross. I suspect there will be a rash of young dogs available around April/May when all the 'Christmas' puppies are no longer cute. :(

so, for now, I'm just casually looking. I know the right dog will come along - they always have!

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