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Hey folks!


Awesome to be here. I've been lurking these boards for months now in preparation for my own Border Collie and I have to say all the topics and posts have been a huge help. On October 6th my wife and I drove two hours to pick up this guy:




His name is Argo. He's gotten a lot bigger in just a few weeks, he's almost 4 months old now. We got him from a couple that owns a farm in upstate Washington. Both the parents are working BCs -- my wife and I got to watch them herd cattle while we were there. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


He's been home for a few weeks now and we're loving it. He's already about 90% house trained. He sits, stays, lies down and we're about halfway to getting a reliable recall (In fact, as long as there are no roads nearby, I feel very comfortable letting him off a leash. He stays close and comes when I whistle.)


I just wanted to post to say hi and show off the new family addition. Of course, I was also wondering who else has experience trick-training and frisbee training BC pups, and if you could offer any advice? So far things are going well, we're going to start frisbee soon and after a while I really want to do agility.


Anyway, I'll leave you with more pictures:





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What a cutie!


Since you have been reading these boards for a while, you have probably come across several threads that stress the importance of waiting until your pup is more mature (the growth plates have closed? 14, 15 16 months old?) before engaging in serious disc or agility training since the jumping and twisting can damage young joints. But anything you can do on the flat (also called groundwork) is fair game. Check the internet for suggestions of tricks and games to engage their brains.


Good Luck,


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What a cutie-pie! Those blue eyes are stunning. :)


All I can add is to second the warning about starting him on anything too physical too soon. He'll be willing to throw himself around in all sorts of wild fun at any moment, but you do need to make sure he has time to grow into himself, without doing his joints or growth plates any damage. Please do wait on the frisbee stuff and enjoy him with less strenuous training and tricks until he's older.


Wishing you many joyful years with Argo! :)


~ Gloria

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