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Dog nipping problem

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Looking for tips or good books for a problem. I have a 4.5 yr old purebred nueter male who comes out of working cattle lines. He is a very unique dog, in that I think he is mentally off. He took 20x more effort and training and has a low retention rate (for anything). He is very happy all the time. He is given alot of physical /mental outlet.

He nips: people, dogs, kids. He gets excited when meeting new dogs and "nails" something. Its infrequent, highly managed, but still occurs. He's nipped me, 3 humans, and est 10 dogs. Never a mark or injury, but it hurts, scares people, and is oveall something I want to stop. My biggest problem with it is when he fixates I can't get him back. Expect a nip, or a play bow (most dogs don't notice they were nipped). If you scold him for nipping he apologizes. But it won't stop the bahavior. I can get/keep him super focused on me, but that doesn't fix it cuz all thats doing is preventing him from noticing. Once he notices he's fixated. He mostly triggers off dogs but did nip 3 people. So a majority of people he meets he is fine with, and a majority of dogs there's been no issue. Its mostly on a greeting, when he's put in a sudden situation and he has to make a split second decision. He always chooses wrong. :-(

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