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  1. While I agree with your post, the problem was instead of studying aggression , since friends convinced her it was jealousy or obsession, thats what she'd research, or talk to behaviorist about! The aggression issue was brushed off to the side ENTIRELY !
  2. Hooooray! So far so awesome. I seriously just swat his butt, say "no" and send him away. Like magic! He just calms down and quits!!!! Thanks all!
  3. Argh! Why is aggression so *acceptable*? A "person" has a dog that is obsessively possessive about her. But the real "issue" is that when something 'triggers' him, he responds with over the top aggression and WILL not stop until you physically pull him off (another dog). He will grab scruffs, necks, shake dogs violently, pin them, has bruised dogs faces for days, left puncture marks, torn ears.....AND everytime he has an incident, various trainers and friends of the person convince them its 'a jealousy and training issue'. No. No it is NOT a training or jealousy issue. Jealousy is a TRIGGER, the issue is the overly violent reaction. But when you DISMISS the problem like its 'just' a training/jealousy issue, it takes from the severity of the issue and the real problem. And the person walks away thinking "I'll just train more"...... this is killing me. End soap box
  4. Delta blues: he doesn't nip, at all. He obsessively annoys. Like if your little brother kept poking your arm and saying your name. I will try physical correction, since I've tried just about everything else. I've pushed him from other dogs personal space, walked him out of room, kennelled him, redirected with training, yelled, shut doors, long down stays......its not fixed it. If anything he gets more obsessive after a correction or redirection. But its not all day, more occasionally. But trying to get him 'out of the mood' is difficult when after starts.
  5. Yes. I have tried "NO" but I have not swatted his butt yet. Will try it. If I threw a bottle of change it would punish EVERYONE.
  6. My 2.5 yr old border collie loves to annoy other dogs. I say love, but he doesn't look happy when he does it, but he won't stop. He literally 'bothers a dog til he gets a reaction, apologizes, then starts the behavior again. Following right on another dogs heels, circling dogs, pacing around dogs, sitting on dogs, accidently pushing his rear against dogs sides, etc. Its almost obsessive compulsive. I can request he stop, but he will go back to it the instant he has the chance. I can redirect, seperate, reward, calm, but it will not stop the behaviors. He doesnt do it 24/7, but probably once/twice a day for 20 min. What is this behavior called, how do you fix it, where do you look up info on it?! Is it sibling rivalry? Boredom? Agnst?
  7. Looking for tips or good books for a problem. I have a 4.5 yr old purebred nueter male who comes out of working cattle lines. He is a very unique dog, in that I think he is mentally off. He took 20x more effort and training and has a low retention rate (for anything). He is very happy all the time. He is given alot of physical /mental outlet. He nips: people, dogs, kids. He gets excited when meeting new dogs and "nails" something. Its infrequent, highly managed, but still occurs. He's nipped me, 3 humans, and est 10 dogs. Never a mark or injury, but it hurts, scares people, and is oveall something I want to stop. My biggest problem with it is when he fixates I can't get him back. Expect a nip, or a play bow (most dogs don't notice they were nipped). If you scold him for nipping he apologizes. But it won't stop the bahavior. I can get/keep him super focused on me, but that doesn't fix it cuz all thats doing is preventing him from noticing. Once he notices he's fixated. He mostly triggers off dogs but did nip 3 people. So a majority of people he meets he is fine with, and a majority of dogs there's been no issue. Its mostly on a greeting, when he's put in a sudden situation and he has to make a split second decision. He always chooses wrong. :-(
  8. Um, you may not mean this to sound offensive but it DOES sound offensive. AGAIN, I can't travel due to WORK, not due to laziness. As for "surfing the web sitting on my butt" i'm sure for some of you its an anomoly for finding information, but for a majority of us- we are taught in school/college to USE IT TO FIND information, with emphasis on using it for valid and accurate information. We weren't raised on the library system, we are aware of libraries- but our research is journals (online), valid websites (online), and massive libraries/volumes (online). This isn't just our slack a*s lazy selves looking for instant gratification, but honest research done AS WE WERE TAUGHT! Either understand what is being said - as its being repeated several times, that YOUR VERSION OF THE BORDER COLLIE IS RELATIVELY UNKNOWN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Either you can resent the high profile of the sport home, and argue about how *we* should find information, or you can realize something needs to change (getting the info out there) to better the breed. Explaining that all your pups are sold word of mouth IS NOT PROMOTING the working breed at all. if anything, it explains why NO ONE OUTSIDE YOUR CIRCLE HAS HEARD OF YOU. EDIT: hmm I sound a little abrupt.... I mean this in a good way- I really really want to see the working breed BE the future of the breed, instead of overlooked and forgotten by everyone BUT a working home.
  9. Um, while you may not *think* a sheep dog trial is "interesting" enough- are you aware they show BREED ring on tv- I mean REALLY- we are all watching dogs walk around, and look pretty, and look at different breeds, FOR 3 HOURS! And they show Agility nationals on tv sometimes too! You watch about 50-70 dogs run THE EXACT SAME COURSE. By all rights, these are EXTEMELY boring to the average public, but are well watched programs. Do you know HOW AKC agility got tv time? because on their website they ASKED THEIR members to VOTE on what to watch for whatever channel it was on. (there were 3 options). This board HAS 10,000 members- betcha they could sway a vote to watch a herding show on some channel. I'm sure 10 years ago if someone said watching ballroom dancing was going to be exciting, producers would have laughed.... NOW?????
  10. Thanx! Its 4.5 hrs away..... When i first was looking, everyone suggested herding trials. I looked them up on the website and mapquested ALL of them in the general tri state area even to virginia/MD. Last year there was one about 3 hrs away, but it was on the weekend BEFORE i started looking- haha! See what I mean! And I'm not in Alaska or Hawaii, even tho I did grow up in AK! Nationals sounds like fun, and its at the end of summer, it may work. OH, and us city folk GAPE when we see a real working bc working livestock- everyone just stares.... so yes, it'd be awesome to see on TV.....
  11. haha- proof of ignorance- never did that..... i always type in border collie or breeder, or such....! Again, city person in unknown world!
  12. I thought part of the concern was that the GOOD producers would start producing less pups as supply/demand for a working bc went down. That if i wanted to support a good working breeder, i'd buy a pup from them.... its a little to late to prevent these dogs from ending up with the public/pet homes (sports). but not to late to set a standard, or to send an ACCURATE message. if sports breeders who have bred for maybe 5-10yrs can relay their versatality message in such a short while to such an extent- why can't herding proponents who've bred 15-20rs do it? I am not asking them to produce more, but to become more visible. why do we buy things? how do we learn things, why do we try them, because 90% of the time its suggested to us. Propaganda and persuasion stuff. Messages getting accross.
  13. wow, awesome posts. thanx! was typing that last message when you guys posted that info.
  14. If i understood the concerns of the posts, it was that the sports BC would become the majority of the bc's bred, diluting the pool with absolutely no talent. Part of the end result would be working dogs bred only for working people, which limits breedings and amount of GOOD breedings since really, how many dogs can one own. My entire point- what I wanted to express- was that sports bred has yet to take over, and many are not turning out as good as desired (over the top/barking/spinning/scrambling). Sports people are looking more at working dogs, but the visibility of said dogs to OUTSIDERS is very limited and sparse/hard to find. Again, we are city people in an *unknown* world- that of livestock and herding.
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