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Winter training


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As the fall gather is almost done, and we have (most of) our sheep back home I have selected a group of my "training sheep".


On the one hand to polish up on Gláma´s obedience, we haven´t trained last two months, only worked , and there has crept a bit too much independence in Gláma´s working style....


On the other hand a farmer I know would like to try her dog on a couple of well dogged sheep. I am going to lend her a hand, and invited them to come over. From what I hear of her it is a promising dog, but with no "formal" stockdog training, one of those that only heads because she was never taught anything else.


Today I tried out the group, they flocked well, were a bit heavy to start with (Gláma is a bit soft, has usually a difficult time lifting heavier sheep), but became more free flowing after a while.


It has snowed a bit last week, and it is freezing slightly, makes for a wintery landscape, here are some pictures. My wife always complained it is hard to snap photo´s when the dog and the sheep are too far away so i almost drove the sheep over her a couple of times... ;)

post-10669-084522300 1350858801_thumb.jpg

post-10669-040788500 1350858837_thumb.jpg

post-10669-021877800 1350858872_thumb.jpg

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Last wednesday said farmer came to visit with her dog Tyra.

It was a complete succes.


I used gláma to get the sheep near us, and fetch them when necessary.

This group was used by me last summer and pretty dogged (I would have given a lot for this kind of help when I started out...).


Her dog performed very good in my opinion. She had a reliable stop, and was nice to my sheep. She kept a good distance heading, balanced on the handler, and we could even get her to wear the sheep to the handler.

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