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young kids in agility

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Hello everyone. I am trying to find out if there are any programs/events/classes for young kids to do agility in. My 6 year old son and his 6 year old female BC are the absolute best friends. He thinks it is so cool to take her out and have her jump logs, fences, etc. So I was thinking agility might be fun for the two of them.


We live way out in the "sticks" so I'm sure there aren't any actual classes within several hours of us. We do have a lot of 4-H groups in our county though. Does 4-H have any kind of agility program?


Thanks in advance for any help!



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I know about being "out in the sticks," at least as far as agility classes goes. Watch out! If you get this poor kid and dog hooked, you'll be driving HOURS AND HOURS to classes, competitions, etc. It's a blast!


You might check out several web sites for info. The U.S. Dog Agility Association has a Junior Handler level in competition; I'm not sure if they have anything else (like helpful hints for the quite young...I think they define "junior" as up to 17 years of age...not sure if there's a lower limit, but I have seen some pretty young kids running a dog!). Their site is www.usdaa.com.


My understanding of 4-H programs is that the local group just has to find folks interested in the subjects. I actually got volunteered to "do" a summer dog program; we started with the intent of getting kids and their dogs through something like the Evil Empire's (AKC's) Canine Good Citizen program - they may be evil, but this is a really great "test" that any breed or mixed breed can do. Just basic good manners. Our intent was perhaps to progress to agility, if the kids and dogs were up for it. First meeting, we had one dog - miniature Pekingese. So much for dog program! (Horses are much more popular around here...)


Another web site for interesting info is www.dogpatch.com. There are LOTS of agility pages, with everything from how to build equipment, to how to train, to how to solve problems, etc. etc. etc. You can just get a book and get started! I did it that way - can't say it's the best, but it works! I would think a 6 yr. old would need lots of help - consistently and timing are critical, not things the 6 yr. olds I know are good at! But just for fun - you should be able to do a lot on your own.


Have fun!



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