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introducing pup to a green eye monster

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Just looking for ideas or suggestions on easing the transition.


And will they come to terms with sharing? Generally speaking since I know there are always exceptions.


And does it help the green eye monster if its the opposite gender?


Green eye monster being a 110% mama boy who LOVES his mama/owner.

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I would not leave them alone, unattended, ever if you feel that he was react aggressively.

Keep pup separated from your other two dogs until he is bonded with you. I use the crate and rotate with success.

Other than that I think time and dog management is how it will work out.

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When I brought home my most recent puppy, my 2 year old momma's boy Border Collie got very upset. I was stunned, because he seriously loves every single dog and puppy he has ever met.


I panicked, but had some good friends who calmed me down. I divided the room with a double ex-pen, and either the puppy or the big dog were in the closed off area, or crated. I let them see, smell and watch each other. They chewed bones close but separated by a barrier. The slept nearish each other. Gradually, they sniffed through the gate, they we had tail wags, then play bows.


When I was pretty sure it was safe to let them interact, I did it with me on the floor with them. They started playing together.


He has turned into a great puppy raiser. My puppy loves him, and I no longer worry about them.


I don't leave them alone together, but thats more the size disparity than anything else (Papillon/Border Collie)



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Awesome thanks for the suggestions!


Was already thinking keeping them separate.

And I love the idea of the barrier... almost like introducing cats. :)


I was thinking about usings walks as a pack time but general keeping them separate.


My boy has always loved puppies but this last pup my sis brought home he doesn't want me interacting with. I am working on it. Rewarding for tolerating her and being near her. The other nice dogs thing is he is starting to put himself in a time out when he has had enough.

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