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Separation Anxiety

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Okay, so I have to leave Tucker for five whole days while I fly to CA to take care of some business. On top of having a somewhat manageable fear of flying anyway, I am feeling really anxious about leaving my pup. He finally seems to be coming out of his "demon spawn" period, and I'm worried he's going to regress while I'm gone. Not to mention I'm going to miss him terribly. I know my (adult) daughter will take really good care of him, but I'm still stressing.


I thought it might be helpful to hear about other people's angst when they leave their dogs. Anyone willing to share????



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I understand where you're coming from! My BC and I both suffer from separation anxiety.


My only advice is probably something you already know...the less his routine changes the better. Is your daughter going to stay at your house and keep Tucker on the schedule to which he's accustomed? That would help a whole lot if that's the plan. If he has to stay at her house, I would make sure that you provide her with his crate, favorite toys and other things that he's used to having around him, and (again) she should try to maintain a similar schedule to his normal one.


Good luck!

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I left yesterday for a 2 week business trip. The pups stay home with DH and ds. I called home tonight and forgot to ask how the guy's day was. All I could think of was how are the dogs and did all the chickens make it in the coop tonight. Hubs says, he's fine, my son is good, Faye ate the steak off the kitchen island but they are having a good evening. woosh. Now I can rest..... WAIT....

Why in the heck did he leave the steak out on the counter anyways? Oh yeah, we didn't have a counter surfer till tonight! Gonna be a looonnnggg 2 weeks!


Good luck on your trip! It doesn't get easier but time does pass.

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Hum, Take a stuffed toy dog with you! thats what I did for my Grandma when she had dog seperation thingie.


Flying.....hum...think of it as a boat. Boats float on water- planes float on air. Someday I'll tell you guys why it isn't cool to sit next to T while she's flying- I love flying. but i talk.

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In spite of your angst about leaving Tucker 'at home', it should be good for him to be separated from you and have to deal with a different situation. I know of several dogs (one was my mother's, one was my brother's and one is owned by a friend) who were/are never left alone by their owner (i.e. overnights are not done). The few times they tried to leave the dogs in a boarding kennel, the dogs had a negative reaction (wouldn't eat, pee or poop, etc.) As a result, the owners hardly ever traveled anywhere.


Learning from their experience, I made sure my pup was used to being away from me. When he was 4 or 5 months old, I boarded him overnight in a kennel even though I didn't go away. I just wanted him to have the experience. At 7 months old, he was kept by a friend for 3 days. Etc.


I don't travel alot and would rather stay home with my dogs, but sometimes you have to go away. I do not want to worry about how my dog is faring in a kennel. I know/hope he would rather be at home, but generally he isn't so stressed out that he can't function.



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