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BC saving sheep in Iceland

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Yeah, it is horrible, there are still sheep buried in the snow. And some are not found by rescuers but by arctic foxes.

We were very lucky, this blizzard just missed our part of Iceland (something similar happened here 1971, way before my time, 4000 sheep dead).

There are not only used bordercollies or even stockdogs, some people took their "pet dogs" along, and they have helped by sniffing out the sheep under the snow.

It is clear that possibly thousands of sheep died, just hearing on the news there are still ten thousand missing.

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What a good dog. It was deceptive how the snow didn't look deep, and yet the sheep were quite buried. Poor sheep. Good dog, Puki.



Yeah, real deceptive, large areas there are in fact relatively recent lava fields. Very irregular terrain, with deep crevices, and cracks. Pretty dangerous, especially now that it is covered in snow. One of the people searching for sheep broke through a snow roof, and hung on his arms, just avoiding a fall of an estimated five to ten meters...

The sheep seek shelter , and get snowed in. Kinda lucky was that the snow was not that cold and sticks together. Thus a moving sheep that is getting snowed in forms a cavity around itself, and it is astonishing how long these tough animals can survive in such a cave. It is almost three weeks ago that this happened, and still live sheep are being found (though the relative amount of dead sheep is rising).

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Wow. How tragic and amazing and incredible. You'd never imagine there was ANYthing under that flat, hard crust of snow, and yet there those poor animals are, surviving by sheer will and luck. Good dog, Púki. I feel for the animals who aren't so lucky and for the farmers who will lose so much.


Thanks for sharing this!


~ Gloria

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Thanks for sharing this amazing news. Shepherds tend to joke sarcastically that 'sheep are born looking for a place to die.' It's great to hear about the stubborn exception. That is one tough lamb. I hope they name her 'Lucky,' and that she continues to survive against the odds to a fat and fabulous old age.


Liz S in Central New York State


They found a lamb, alive under the snow, 28 days after this blizzard!

It was in an area where multiple searches had been done. They hadn´t found it if it hadn´t been bleating.

Beside her they found her mother and sibling, both dead, and been fed upon by arctic foxes.

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