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Working/trialed female BC-in shelter

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I don't have any more details than this, I'm just cross-posting from the rescue board. The topic there says "farm foreclosure", so I'm assuming that's why she ended up in the shelter. Hoping some networking among working folks might find her a new job. :D


Contact is Corena Huffman of Highland Co. Humane Society email: info@highlandcountyhumanesociety.org Phone: 540.908.9152


"Rue" 6 yr FS, super high drive, trialed with Donald McCaig, brave, could herd sheep or cattle, can be female dog aggressive. Pics attached.I have known Corena for years. She recently started the Highland County Humane Society. I can recommend her, she does good evals and also said all these dogs are altered."







ETA: I can't edit the title, but I'm not positive if she's in a shelter, or if the humane society operates out of foster homes (seems to be a small group). It also appears she's not in any danger, either. But I'm sure she would love to find another working home if possible.

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I know her owner worked with rescue a few years ago when she got overwhelmed with all the dogs she'd collected up. This dog was pretty driven to work but not really a hard dog at all, just needed some guidance and someone to stay on top of her. Blue Ridge BC Rescue had several dogs from the owner that they rehomed.Her owner was here on the boards actually, not sure if she's still around or not.

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I'm glad to see Robin posted. I, too, know Rue and have seen her at trials. She doesn't deserve to be in a shelter. I believe she may have been bred by the owner who gave her up, so contacting the breeder likely isn't an option.


I can't believe she ended up in a the shelter and not in rescue.



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I'm sure someone else has contacted Donald but just in case not, I emailed him with the link to this page. I think he's generally only on here early in the day.


Poor girl. Makes me wish I didn't already have a bitch who isn't overly friendly with other bitches.


She makes me think of Julie's Pip.

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I believe i have trained one of her female pups for a friend. I even bred my Rock dog to the pup i trained for that friend and kept 2 of the pups and am training 3 more of the pups from the litter. If i recall properly she is sensitive but keen. I would take her in if she could be transported north near me in loudoun county.

Waltfeasel at hotmail dot com

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