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I didnt realise this board/site is not UK-based but ill hang around till evicted, but as we here usually refer to Border Collies as WELSH border collies and as we lived in North Wales (Snowdonia) 20 years ago ill post 2 pictures from our holiday 3 weeks ago in Llanberis.


The little white dots are sheep....lol





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It's OK - I'm from the UK too and there are a few people from other countries on here as well. Just don't expect immediate replies if you post in the morning.


Just so there is no confusion though -


Welsh border collies are just BCs that happen to come from Wales.


Welsh Sheepdogs, while superficially like BCs, are a different breed and don't work the same. http://www.welshsheepdogsociety.com And Welsh Sheepdogs don't necessarily have to come from Wales.



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Welcome. There's no requirement that you be from the US to participate on this board. Many of us love to hear from folks in other parts of the world.


A few years ago I had to good fortune to travel to the UK for work. I had a three-day weekend between work assignments (part of one week in England and the following week in Scotland) and I spent it in Wales with a local I met through the sheepdog community here in the US. He gave me a wonderful tour of the sheepdog community there.


Wales is a beautiful country. I hope I can go back some day. Until then, getting to see pictures like the ones you've posted brings back some wonderful memories, so please join in and post plenty of photos!



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Snowdonia is way up there on my list of areas I want to visit next, I may have to pick your brain for ideas biggrin.gif



And welcome!

Just don't try and get a hamburger there. I ordered a hamburger and got a piece of cardboard back. I still remember that because it was the funniest hamburger I had ever seen.


The scenery is spectacular.

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I have a distant cousin in Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent to be exact. I got to visit northern Wales, including Snowdonia, last year. Fell in love with the beaches on Anglesey, doo. Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous place - and more sheep than I've ever seen in my life! :D


No worries, we have folks here from all over the world, including Iceland, I think. Always glad to hear from different folks about their dogs. :)


~ Gloria

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Welcome Steve, I am the guy Gloria mentioned, who lives in Iceland .

And there are more nationalities, Maja for instance is polish.

Also, it would be a very weird border bollie board if it would shun handlers from the UK...:D


NB. Please don´t mention Icesave, I had nothing to do with that, even (still) have the dutch nationality...

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Cheers guys, we may have the dearest petrol in the world but we also have the best beer......lol


North Wales/Snowdonia is full of history, castles, steam trains and also gold and copper mines, lakes and mystery, we plan holidays and only get as far as Snowdonia or Avalon (ok, Somerset to everyone else), the weather isnt always great but come on, is there another Glastonbury Tor anywhere? (heck of a walk but heck of a view)


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