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Hello all, I know I could be waiting a long time but... I am taking the time now to find that "perfect" breeder, one that I can work with, ask a million and one questions of, and who will help me to find that pup for me that I am wanting. I already know that I want a pup from parents that actually work, i.e.: herd stock both at home and trialed before. I want a breeder that is involved with his/her dogs' lives after they have left home, who wants to know how their pups are doing in their new homes and such. I am considering breeders from all over the US though I live in Nevada, so closer is better. I am willing to travel for that right pup. If you all know of someone that fits my "ideal" for a breeder, please let me know.


If you all have more questions for me, please let me know.

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An update! I have found a breeder that meets my expectations. Yes, she does currently have a litter that was born not long ago, and yes, I have found the pup for me. He just happens to be the only male. You all will be seeing this little darling grow up.


Thank you all for the help in finding that right breeder for me. :D



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