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I was looking at Skye's coat today, and realized I could see dull, brownish patches of fur around his front shoulders and upper legs. I looked closely, and his top coat is very thin there and it's his undercoat showing through. He has recently blown his coat, but I've never seen him lose this much of his top coat. The top coat that remains is still very shiny.


I'm wondering if I should be concerned, or if I should just wait a couple months and see if it grows back. The only things that I can think might have impacted it is: (1) I switched him to grain-free food about 6-9 months go, and to a different brand (Orijen) about 2 months ago; and (2) I've been keeping the a/c turned up higher (not so cold) this year and we've spent more time outside - maybe he is losing more coat as a result?


How much of their top coat do your dogs typically lose in the summer?

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Sounds like my female BC Keeva is shedding the same way. I actually thought she may have some red in her.


I noticed the blown coat when the heat got oppresive here in the northeast. Happened while she had a first heat.


Now I know what the term Blown Coat means.

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