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DH brought home a Pit Bill mix last week. We said goodbye to my sweet girl last month, and I lifted the dog ban (Whisper did not get along well with other dogs when she was 100%; when she became blind and partially disabled, I levied a ban on any other dog entering the house). The people next door to where his business is had to re-home their Pittie because of a city ordinance. I insisted on meeting the dog before it was brought home--mostly to meet the people who had the dog more than the dog itself. I belive in there being no bad dogs, just bad owners. I gave a stamp of approval--the dog was for DH, not for me. The dog is named Zeus, and is a five year old male. He is very friendly, seems to get along great with other dogs (though small animals seem to be for chasing) and. it was amazing to see, might have a talent as a tumor dog. We had a visitor yesterday that Zeus greeted and then started licking and licking a spot on the man's leg. As it turns out, the man as a skin cancer in that same spot. It wil be interesting to explore this.


Zeus is attached to DH, and it made me realize how much I miss my girl to the point where I am now actively looking. I want another Border Collie and would prefer a female, though it is not mandatory. I don't want any puppies, but other than that age is of no concern. I'm checking out local shelters, but BCs seem to be hard to find. If you know of any, send me a note, please! I miss my girl, but I am ready to devote a lot of love to my next dog.

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Zeus sounds awesome, and thank you for opening your heart and home to another rescue.


Several rescues come to mind, other than the ones already given, see below. And note that if they don't have a female right now, you can apply, let them know what you're looking for, and maybe be first on the list when she shows up. :) I'm also a firm believe in shelter adoptions, and Petfinder.com, AdoptAPet and Petango are all good for searching area shelters. Trust me, you won't find a shortage of border collies, unfortunately. :(


ARMBCR (Animal Rescue Michigan Border Collie Rescue)



Midwest BCR:



MidAmerica BCR:



Happy searching!

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I've had my eye on this guy for a while. He is just gorgeous & has such a sad story.


Here is a better bio of him

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From the Midwest Border Collie Rescue link above:




I've had my eye on Dolly for a while now. She tugs at my heartstrings because she has Addison's Disease. My eldest, Luke, was diagnosed with Addison's in 2009. So far as diseases go, it's a very easy one to treat/live with, but it's also not terribly common or well known. I worry that's why she doesn't seem to be getting much interest -- I wish there was a way to explain to people that it's not a death sentence or anything.


Someone needs to give Dolly a chance! I'd be more than happy to discuss living with Addison's Disease to anyone who is interested.

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