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  1. I thought of a good analogy for trained imported dogs making the switch. I'm a good driver. Been doing it for years with many miles spent driving long distance, pulling various trailers with and without livestock. I've driven big trucks, those old-style 5-horse vans, loaded, manual-trans, old and new. Come to find out, I'm afraid of driving a right-hand-drive car. On a trip to the UK, I got behind the wheel of one and said "forget it." I was pretty sure I would crash. I just needed some time. And so do some dogs when they change hands and get over here.
  2. I'm late to the party. Was directed here by a friend after she learned I had a Tanhill Glen daughter. I have not, but will have her tested for this mutation as a result of this thread. At 8 months, she's perfectly healthy with no behavioral issues. Have put her to sheep a few times and she's showing me some class. While the genetic side of this discussion may be worthy, the denigration of Tanhill Glen as a sire based on working ability and prepotency is not, in my opinion. I bought my pup after seeing a son that I liked very much and because I had faith in the bitch. My pup will either ma
  3. Dear Mr. McCaig, I hope this is of some value to you. I was taught that it's always the nut at the wheel. Just about whatever the problem, I'm either causing it, not asking properly, or not training properly to mitigate. Regardless of how talented you are, I would take the UK time to get the highest quality instruction I could find, and become a better hand. That's exactly what I did when I was over, and it changed everything about the way I handle and train my dogs. I continue to do so here whenever I'm anywhere close to someone who's opinion I value. Cheers and safe travel.
  4. Hello all, If I know you and trust you, or if you are a friend of someone I know and trust who will vouch for you, I have a 6 month old spayed female available for free. She's pretty, well-mannered, smart, athletic and healthy. Up to date on shots and flea/tick treatment and just wants to be your buddy. She's just not at all interested in livestock. That may change, but there are no guarantees. Not housebroken, because my dogs are crated when they come in. Don't know about kids. Don't have any, but she's great with other dogs. Submissive, clean in her kennel, doesn't bark. Smart a
  5. Hello all, Watching ill treatment of any dog anywhere disgusts me. At a dog trial, I speak up. I'm a known entity there, and either the culprit will just stop, or at least move away where I don't have to watch. The heartbreak comes in knowing that it will just start up again some other place, some other time but that knowledge will never deter me. One year at Meeker, me, Virgil Holland, and at least one other handler, who I can't recall, witnessed a visiting cowdog *big hat* (visiting, not running,) repeatedly hitting his young female over the head in a useless attempt to calm her
  6. Hey, Dwight Parker's listed on their "Border Collie Trainers" page. Isn't he an HA cow dog guy too?
  7. http://youtu.be/e4nT94AYsVo Video evidence of the cross-pollination between puppy mills and AKC. I have written to the rescue documented here asking them to re-consider their affiliation with HSUS, but this story is too important not to be told.
  8. Kristen, you have to register on their site and confirm your email address to be able to post, but it is so worth the effort. And it may be of some small service to some dog somewhere. At least that's my hope. Terrecar, Pedigree Dogs Exposed was about the catastrophic effects to dogs of breeding for whimsical and arbitrary breed standards, the denial and secretive, cult-like behavior associated with that. I don't care which KC registers them, the message in that documentary is loud and clear, plain as day. "Kicking the bully?" How about leaving in tact the head of the snake?
  9. The Today Show reported a scathing expose' on the AKC. See it here. Jeff Rossen reported on the cover up of the relationship between the AKC and puppy mill breeders that many of us have been aware of for years and years. The AKC supports and promotes the registration of puppy mill dogs for the money. They ignore the suffering of dogs FOR THE MONEY. Last I looked, attached to this story on The Today Show website are 1286 comments from 647 AKC apologists overwhelmingly supporting the AKC and condemning Today. My question is why? Why, when we finally have a chance to support and pro
  10. Hello all, Not all dogs are born with power. It never develops sufficiently in some, and occasionally a dog may "grow" power as it matures, depending on how they're handled. For me, "how they're handled" is the key. So, if my youngster is cautious, hesitant, or downright afraid at any point while he's working, I help it. In other words, I go straight to the dog and aid him in whatever he's failing at, and I do that until he becomes confident and doesn't need me, or until I decide power is not within him. You say you did that on your round up of free sheep, then quit and let her fi
  11. Hi Marcia, you got an awful lot of response to questions you did not ask. The answer to your question is a resounding YES, you can successfully train a 3 year old dog. And since you are willing to help a struggling family in dire straits, I'll bet things will work out better than you could ever have hoped for. Life is funny that way, isn't it? If you have enough room, love, money, patience, time to care for such a dog...go for it. Give it a try. The very worst that can happen is you'll have helped an unfortunate animal that is losing its' family, and you will have more love in your l
  12. From personal experience, here's what I know about epilepsy in dogs. Brains teach themselves to seize, so each seizure increases the liklihood of another. Dr. Jean Dodds has done work that is nothing short of miraculous with seizure dogs, and I would go to her immediately asking for her 5-panel thyroid test, and recommendations. The sooner the better. http://www.hemopet.org/ Her website. Epilipsy can sometimes be controlled with drugs other than debilitating phenobarbitol and potassium and sodium bromide. Soloxine, a thyroid hormone, can dramatically reduce/control/eliminate seiz
  13. I believe the effects of over-vaccinating/medicating our dogs is understated. For me, less is more. No scientific data to back up my personal beliefs, just experience keeping livestock healthy. When left to recover on their own as much as possible, animals always seemed to do better and remain healthier. And I'm a huge fan of Dr. Dodds. Her work with canine thyroid studies is amazing. She's personable, approachable and communicative. I would send bloodwork off straight away if I had a dog with issues from epilepsy to skin problems to anxiety. She sees beyond standard protocols and the a
  14. We get what we think/talk about. If you want a working dog, breed the best to the best and hope for the best regardless of color. If you want a specific color, coat type, breed for that. You cannot have it both ways. If you're breeding for one, you are breeding against the other for all practical intents and purposes. You can argue with that, find all kinds of examples, and you might be right to some extent. But it's still the best rule of thumb in a mind field of variables. When I choose a puppy, I could not care less what color, what coat type, what ear set, whether its' mouth is bla
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