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Female dog in heat

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Yesterday I took Gláma to the training field after a couple of days break.

And it was the most frustrating session I have ever had with her.

Not very motivated, stopping short on outruns. And after I corrected her a bit loud for crossing over when send on an away outrun, she all of a sudden "forgot" the come bye command. And that is her strong side, as if she took my correction for crossing over to the come bye side as a general rule "don´t go come bye"...

Not very far in the session she even left the sheep, which I have never had her do before. Easily called back, but still...


Anyway, after the session, trying to make sense of it, a lightbulb went on in my head, and I remembered that she started going in heat a couple of days before, she doesn´t really show this very much apart from some drops of blood on the floor.


Now I wonder could that have been responsible for this terrible session?

Any of you notice this so strong (I vaguely remember this having come up in some topic here).

My plan is to step training intensity a bit down, shorter sessions of stuff she knows well, and put the new stuff (whistles, flanking on the drive) on hold for the moment.

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Thanks Cynthia, for reassuring me.

The whole thing weirded me out a bit I must admit.

Having her look up to me with this big questionmark in her eyes; "Come bye...? what on earth do you mean...?".

Brain dead is a good way to put it.

I´ll go easy on her until the hormones sorted themselves out again.

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