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Leaving for vacation tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is sooo close now, lol. I will be driving with my Mom and Willow to PA to visit my family. It takes us about 5 1/2- 6 hours to get there. Any tips on traveling with a dog on such a long trip, also what would you bring with you? We will be in PA for 2 weeks so this is a nice long vacation.

When I first got Willow she would get car sick after 45-60 minutes in a car, she hasnt lately but I'm not taking any chances and got Cerenia from the vet. I will also have water for her and we plan on stopping every 2 hours to let her stretch.

I am so happy she will be coming with us, she is going to LOVE the open fields :)

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the dogs and i are also heading to pa., but on sunday. for us it is about a 5 hr. drive. i usually just drive straight on thru. if i stop for a potty or a drink i walk the dogs, but generally we just drive. nova loves the car so no problem there. twitch doesn't love it but no way would he be left behind. water, a bowl,and leashes is all we keep out for the dogs. packing for 2 weeks is something else ;-).

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I'd bring my portable crate, a gallon of water and a bowl for the car, and a mat that can be used once you get there. (I have a matt inside the crate that would work) Maybe a few toys, we can't survive without a tug, a ball and a frisbee. Make sure ID's are on the collar.

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