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BC found in Clayton, NM

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A friend of mine in NM notified me that last Friday, after the big storms they had, a BC was found in Clayton, NM; the dog is wearing a tag that says "National Sheepdog Trials 2003 Competitor." No other ID.


The BC is currently being boarded at the Clayton Veterinary Clinic, Phone: (505) 374-2332.


Any suggestions how to go about locating the owner would be appreciated. Mods, sorry if this is in wrong forum, feel free to move.

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Would anyone have a list of those registered to compete in that year? What kind of info would it have (state handler/dog is from?) You could narrow it down by dog gender, location, and start looking on whitepages.com for handler names and call.

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Archives of past National Finals results used to be available on the USBCHA website but they are gone since the reformatting. I'll bet they are still around waiting to be put up, and I'll bet Francis Raley could send you a copy easily. Having said that, just because the dog is wearing a collar from the 2003 Finals doesn't mean it was the actual competitor; the handlers with dogs entered were given those collars. Still, no harm in trying to research it.


Good luck!



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The owner has been found. :) My friend e-mailed me:


"They are reunited!!!! I got a call from Sharon about an hour ago. The owners have a ranch, but have been staying in town, and the old girl thinks she can be just as footloose in town as she is out at the ranch. Owner picked up dog and called Sharon to thank her. Please thank all your BC board people for all they were about to do! Dog people are AWESOME."


Relief. :D

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