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It's a little past the typical shedding season and my 15 month old border collie has been blowing her coat like crazy!

Never knew smooth coats shed this much blink.gif

Normally, about how long do dogs blow their coats and how long does it take for them to grow it all back??


Cloud is normally a lean dog and with all the fur loss, she is rather looking malnourished! Not to mention that I can start to see the pinkness from her skin on her under chest area. Is this normal?


I swear shes trying her very best to go bald right now...

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Cloud hit her first heat cycle around January-February so i'd say it's been some time now...


Although I don't mind sleeping in a bed sheet made out of fur, it's driving my roommate crazy. Is there anything I can do besides brushing her or do I have to just wait it out and let nature take it's coarse?

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Naked at winter?! What happened to the fluffy winter coat?


Cloud is due for a vet checkup tomorrow so I guess I'll ask him if he knows of any reputable groomers nearby.

Thanks for the reply!

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Both my girls are fixed and they are blowing like mad. Zoey usually does it in September but the fur has been falling out.


Izzy is smooth coated and is a greyhound mix so she is usually the worst culprit but her hips have been shedding like it's going out of style.


I'm not sure if it has to do with the mild winter we had or what. I've never seen anything like it.

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I've had dogs blow coat in Spring and blow more in Summer. I always assumed that they had too much coat for the heat, because that's what my horses do. They do a major shed twice a year, but will do more shedding 2 or 3 more times as summer progresses, getting shorted and smoother coats each time.

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