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  1. Couldn't have agreed more with what you've said about timing and of course, her face. She's got such round eyes and that cowlick of her's adds so much character
  2. http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24729626 Just thought I'd share with you guys this adorable young female border collie that is up for adoption I so wish I could have her!
  3. the website is www.virginiabordercollieassociation.com I just realized they have put up a running order, now that is a bit helpful
  4. Hi Gloria thanks for the info, I'll have to wake up early if i want to get there by 8! I'm probably going to go this sunday and I'm so excited
  5. hi, I've been really interested in attending an upcoming trial for the first time in my state, possibly this weekend or the next, but I have some unanswered questions. I have already emailed someone from the association running the trial but haven't gotten a reply yet so I just figured this place is a good place to ask too. I notice that most trials are held about 1-2 days and both the upcoming trials are held two days so I was wondering if they hold all classes (novice-open) on both days or if they were separated. Also, around what times do trials start because they didn't post any times on their website and it will take about an hour or more to drive there so it would be helpful to know when i should leave the house. Thanks -Jenna Lee
  6. Naked at winter?! What happened to the fluffy winter coat? Cloud is due for a vet checkup tomorrow so I guess I'll ask him if he knows of any reputable groomers nearby. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Cloud hit her first heat cycle around January-February so i'd say it's been some time now... Although I don't mind sleeping in a bed sheet made out of fur, it's driving my roommate crazy. Is there anything I can do besides brushing her or do I have to just wait it out and let nature take it's coarse?
  8. It's a little past the typical shedding season and my 15 month old border collie has been blowing her coat like crazy! Never knew smooth coats shed this much Normally, about how long do dogs blow their coats and how long does it take for them to grow it all back?? Cloud is normally a lean dog and with all the fur loss, she is rather looking malnourished! Not to mention that I can start to see the pinkness from her skin on her under chest area. Is this normal? I swear shes trying her very best to go bald right now...
  9. When I finally see a breeder that "seems" worthy, turns out they aren't... Since bc folks on here have much experience and knowledge, would you mind posting all the breeders that you would recommend for get a bc from? It is SO VERY easy to find a bad breeder but it's always the prized ones that are "hidden" somewhere.
  10. Thanks for the replies... When I saw that hobnob charges 1500 for a puppy, my mouth dropped. Their parents don't even seem to have any worthy titles so why so much for a single puppy?! Breeders these days..... I also know a german shepherd breeder who sells their puppies for 3000. A PUPPY!!! *shake my head*
  11. I keep hearing that BC breeders with lots of varying colors in their breeding program are to be avoided. So what about the hobnob border collies? They have all sorts of colors and it almost seems to me that they breed for certain colors at times too. They seem to strive for more of the sporty dogs rather then working, but nonetheless, still produce dogs with great temperaments and she cares for the puppies dearly. Is she also considered to be one of those BC breeders to be avoided?
  12. Yes, this is what I've been told awhile back from someone. Thought it was foolish for them (RSF) to consider this breeding, but then again, who am I to question someone that's been breeding for quite awhile now? Turns out that they aren't as great as I thought they were....
  13. Thanks a bunch for the info! Though I wasn't expecting a critique for this breeder, it was much appreciated. Seems like I have lots of learning to do! Another reason why I love this place
  14. Ok, so I've been looking around in Rising Sun Farm's border collies and I see that they may have a planned litter with a slate and a blue merle border collie. slate bc: http://www.risingsun...m/preacher.html blue merle bc: http://www.risingsun....com/aggie.html I know that merle with merle is asking for disaster and I think I've read somewhere that breeding a blue and white to a blue merle isn't recommended since they are both recessive genes. Is it any different with a slate border collies? Also, what is the difference between a slate and a blue and white bc? Please educate me on this Not that I am questioning the breeder, I respect them very much, I'm just wondering through all this complicated genetics.
  15. Thank you so much for all your inputs, greatly appreciated!! Both Cloud and I learned so much from each other and I continue to soak up any valuable information from any experienced people out there. I can see some really great points here... stopped it is then! I've all ready started with back end target awareness. It's going to be hard for Cloud to stop at those contacts since she is a real jumper! Another thing is that she is so fast and she's always so tempted to fly off when she nears the contacts tsktsk. But that was before, now we're working step by step toward our goal. Since almost all the obstacles in agility needs a right starting to get some desirable results, I wanted to make sure I was getting the right start so I don't waste any efforts. Still in my young collage years and while my friends are partying or hanging out on the weekends, I am out training my dog on herding and agility in hopes to become a prodigy someday (haha). I was always the strange dog person ever since I was 12 and haven't changed since!
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