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Brock pee'd on me yesterday :/

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And I just have to laugh :) You see yesterday I was very distracted. My daughter was flying in for the summer and I haven't seen her since Jan. I was in the kitchen cleaning while my son played out in the backyard. There is a wall that blocks my view into the living room. Brock was here and there doing his thing. Sometimes he likes to stand between me and the cupboards while I cook or do dishes. So I'm standing at the stove forming turkey burgers to put in the pan and he comes and stands between me and all of a sudden I feel something warm on my foot! He pee'd on me! I peeked my head around the corner and he's sitting at the front door like "what? Can you take me out NOW?" Poor guy, he had to pee so bad and felt the only way to tell me was to pee on me! I took him out and I think he pee'd for 5 minutes lol

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