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My new PUPPY!

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After wanting a Border Ollie for years, I finally got one. I had researched them and thought they would be right for my temperament and the farm. I joined this forum yesterday and can't wait to glean all the information I can from you seasoned owners!


I can't figure how to post a pic or I would! Someone want to direct me? I attached a file....

post-13374-071403700 1337718756_thumb.jpg

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What a cutie! Congrats on your new baby and good luck in the many years to come. :D


Check out the archives and the Read this First link on the boards, there's a lot to be learned from these boards. I hope you have a wonderful journey with your new partner. <3

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Congratulations. I can't figure out how to post a picture either. My Border Collie is already 15 weeks. I joined when I got her at 7 weeks and it's been a great resource. I already miss her little puppy hood. They are such smart dogs and as puppies so adorably curious and inquisitive. Now she is like a very naughty child. She goes in the toy box an picks what she wants. What ever she claims as hers, she will take right away from my small grandchildren. And right now, everything is Hers!! Have fun with your pup they really are amazing dogs. My pup, Addie, has to be on in everything that I do, from mowing the lawn, digging next to me while I garden, helping take the clothes off the line.. well she thinks she is helping.. it's so adorable. I had a Border Collie when my children were small and she was the best dog that I have ever owned. I had to work once they started school, so I waited 20 years to get another one, now that I am home all day and have a farm and lot's of running room for her. I wish you and your Puppy years and years of happiness.

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