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  1. Hi! again. I was wrong about my puppy being 5 months old, she is actually 4 months old and will not be 5 months until June 25th. (I am so bad at Math) With that said, she got in trouble last night and she is brooding and sulking and will not "talk" to me. Last night, I made fried chicken, we are very very careful to dispose of the chicken bones in a covered trash can so our dogs cannot get at them. Well, my mom left her's on her plate on the kitchen table and Addie, being Addie, jumped up and stole it and ran outside. I saw her with the chicken leg and ran after her and she actually gro
  2. Thanks.. that thought never occurred to me and she is teething badly. She does love her "greenies" and her bisquits though. Maybe the pieces are too big, hard or painful for her to chew. That is why I'm going to switch back to the Royal Canin puppy. This was an eye opener. thanks again.
  3. It's very hectic around my house lately.. Cheerio's seem to be in every crack and crevice!!! She does go in the crate when they eat breakfast and lunch. Sometimes, I don't get to clean up the floor around the high chair immediately because if she's been quiet, I like to let her out as soon as they are done.. Now that I realize that, I am making a habit of cleaning up first. Also, they have cookies or snacks during the day when we are all out in the back yard and she sneaks up and steals them. Plus, as I posted in the funniest food post, she has learned that standing under our BBQ grill, g
  4. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has read the book "Border Collie Savvy" by Fiona Jackson? I was searching books on Border Collies and this book came up. It looks incredible. I'm thinking of ordering it on line but wanted to see if anyone could recommend it or not. Thanks
  5. Thanks so much.. I think I will switch her as she really seems to hate this food. What is funny, when I read that is that a few people I know, including my X husband, went on an all Protein/low or no carb diet and they too stunk. It must be all that protein. It's the same in people. I have tried putting yogart on her food but she just licked it off. At five months old, maybe I will switch back to the Royal Canin puppy formula, she really seemed to like that. Thanks again.. I so appreciate the advice.
  6. Welcome. I am fairly new here too. My pup is already 5 months old. I have learned so much from this group. I did not want to crate my pup and I was convinced by the group that it was the best thing for her and wow, her behavior changed in a matter of two weeks. It was the best thing for all of us. I have found such a wealth of information from the kind people in this group. Although I owned a Border Collie before, she was a rescue who was a year old before I got her. So, I was very new to the particular habits and nuances of a baby BC. This board helps so much. Good luck and many ye
  7. I have read the instructions and am still unable to post a picture. It says they are too big. My Addie turned 5 months old this week. I just realized the other day that she has gone from a little fuzzy baby into a long legged gawky kid. Her legs suddenly look so long, she is skinny, her head looks too small, her butt is big.. she is just going through that gawky pup stage that I know she will grow out of. She has gone from an over hyper puppy to a very sweet girl. For the most part, she has stopped her puppy biting of everyone and loves to give hugs and kisses. Since, having my grandchi
  8. Our outside grill is in need of repair and we have to replace the grease pan that goes underneath the burners. My brilliant 4 month old BC, Addie, discovered that is she stands underneath the grill when the food is cooking, she can lap up the grease. You would think it would be hot but I guess that it isn't because she keeps doing it. I had to give her two baths on memorial day because of her "greasy" habit. Her entire head and back were just covered in chicken grease. Then of course, she loves to lay and lick her self all over.. It is a pretty yucky situation. She also has stolen butter
  9. Congratulations. I can't figure out how to post a picture either. My Border Collie is already 15 weeks. I joined when I got her at 7 weeks and it's been a great resource. I already miss her little puppy hood. They are such smart dogs and as puppies so adorably curious and inquisitive. Now she is like a very naughty child. She goes in the toy box an picks what she wants. What ever she claims as hers, she will take right away from my small grandchildren. And right now, everything is Hers!! Have fun with your pup they really are amazing dogs. My pup, Addie, has to be on in everything
  10. I feed my puppy three times a day, but she is only a puppy and she eats small meals 3 times a day.. Currently, she is on the Salmon Taste of the Wild and she tolerates and likes that better than the Venison/Bison. Anyway, as a dog owner all of my life, I only always fed my mid to large size dogs once a day in the evening when we ate. My last dog a Shepherd mix, lived to be 15 years old. Some dogs are hungry in the morning though, my mom's little Westie always wanted her breakfast in the a.m. and her dinner at night. Maybe because smaller dogs have smaller bellies. I think a mid to larger b
  11. I don't remember if my last BC enjoyed swimming or if she just did it because her babies were in the water and she was that protective over them. My 7 year old had a pair of swim goggles and a snorkel once and he had his face in the water.. We were sitting on the bank of a knee deep creek. When she saw my child with his face in the water, she raced down the hill, grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled his head right out of the water.. that was the day that I fell in LOVE with Border Collies. Not that I didn't love her before, but wow, how impressive. Everyone there started asking m
  12. My poor 17 week old BC wants to play with our 3 adult cats and our other two older adult dogs who just think that she is a big pain in the rear.. Their attitude is "Kid go away you bother me"! Poor little girl, she is just so desperate to play with them. Once she calms down, she can play nicely with the grandchildren ages 20 months to 11 years. She wants to do what ever they are doing.. it's so cute.. If they dig in the sand box, she digs in the sand box, if they are on the swings, she is right there next the swing set.. They blow bubbles, she catches them. She does not retrieve as of yet,
  13. Wow, I didn't know that.. she is just doing it mostly on her own. She see's a bird fly by, or we blow bubbles for her and she just leaps into the air. I never thought to stop her as it seemed so natural to her.. but now I am concerned.. I don't know how I would curb this behavior because again, she does it naturally while playing in the yard, she leaps so high after butterflies and birds. It's beautiful to see but I never knew this was harmful to her baby joints.. makes sense that it would be.. How would you stop this??
  14. Of course this makes so much sense... Just like the 20 month old toddler that I am minding.. Kids, puppies they are very much the same. My 20 month old grandson is into temper tantrums at the moment and he gets 2 minutes of time out when he will not settle down and screams like he is being murdered because he wanted a different cup or something like that.. so it is all relative.. puppies, children, need to know the boundaries and if you give in to them when they are at their worst, they will think that behavior gets them what they want.. :0)
  15. Thank you to everyone who so convinced me to start crating my 4 month old BC. I keep her crate in our dining room which is in the center of our house. I got her a special bone that she can only have while in the crate. This really had become such a Godsend to me because now, I can crate her in the morning before the kids come.. she is not jumping on the mom's who are all dressed for work or the children. When the children eat lunch, she goes in her crate so that she can't try to steal lunch or snacks. She does hate it.. she howls after the novelty of the bone wears off. But she can also
  16. thank you so much for such a kind and considerate post. It does make a lot of sense about the crate. She has her crate in my room with the door open. We have a huge multi-generational family all living in our big farm house. My 85 year old mom, who has moderate Alzheimer disease, my 26 year old (very pregnant) daughter and her husband and 6 year old son, and my youngest son 24 and his girlfriend as well as my husband and me. So that if I am not home, the puppy always had somebody to go to. But she doesn't. She comes up to "our" bedroom and waits very quietly for me when I am not at home
  17. In my opinion asking for advice and having someone criticize you are two completely different things. I did take offense to saying that I am raising my dog to be hyper and demanding. I don't think I gave that impression. And nobody knows me or my dog. I think crating an animal is a personal choice. I've seen it cause further anxiety in animals I have owned because they are pack animals and are anxious being away from their "pack". I was simply asking for advice on how to deal with the situation without having to crate her, which I did get. I am very thankful for the advice that I got and
  18. Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. I had been thinking about getting a clicker. I used one with my German Shorthair and it did work very well. I love the idea of her having her own place to go. I do have a crate and she has gone in it with the door always open. She use to like to sleep in it, (door open) but then started to sleep under our bed, where she stays like a good girl all night long. It only makes sense that she is on overload due to way too much stimulation with the babies, crying, toys, kids running. She passed out today in the kitchen and stayed there for a few hou
  19. Not everyone believes in crate training. UP until last week, I really had no reason to keep her locked up. I have taught her to go pee pee outside and now we are just working on the other. She is a member of our family and so she does have the run of the house. I have not raised her to be hyper and demanding. I love her and there was no reason that she couldn't be with me during the day as I am home and have been training her. When she is home with me she is fine. It's just when people come in and the kids are around that she gets so excited and jumps up on people. I leash her to teach
  20. Hi! I haven't posted in awhile because I've been very busy with my 14 week old BC pup, Addie and my grandchildren. I know the breed well and expected much of this behavior. What I didn't expect was to suddenly be minding my little grandchildren when their babysitter quit. Addie is just like having another toddler, she takes the babies toys, wants everything they have, making them scream, takes their cookies, knocks them down, etc.. she is very hyper. Of course I do try and correct these behaviors by keeping her on a leash with me, but I can't do that every second. I also did get her to s
  21. PS I also see that trying to upload the photo as my signature did not work either.. Yikes.. I feel so computer stupid right now
  22. Hi! sorry to be a pest but I wanted to upload a picture of Addie on my profile and it says that the file is too big, even though it says that the image sizer will re-size the photo. I re-sized the photo in photo bucket but do not know how to get it on here. Thanks, Katie
  23. I need a little advice because my 3 month old, Addie, is not doing very well potty training. I do not crate her, I haven't found it necessary as of yet and I am home all day with her. She sleeps in my bedroom and she goes on Newspaper at night, never missing. The problem is that during the day, she gets too distracted when I bring her out and then sneaks off some place and goes poop in the house. For instance, first thing in the a.m. about 6:30, I take her out. She see's birds, leaves blowing, her toys in the yard, and forgets to go potty. Then I find poop some place in the house after I
  24. I think he looks like a Border collie mix. He really looks like he has a Border collie coat. In any case, good luck and many happy years together.
  25. Yes, I got the feeling that the vet was pushing it because it was advertised all over the office. I see nothing special at all in the Royal Canin and it looks very similar to Purina at a much higher price. That is why I wanted to switch to totw. Thanks for all the great advice.
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