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It is now time to cut the grass here in the northeast.


Keeva is now 9 months old.


So I start the tractor no problem I start cutting the grass no problem, then out of the blue she decides to bark at (yes you all know right where the grass, rocks, sticks come out.)


Imanage about 15 minutes of this nonsense get off the tractor make her sit give her commands as to stay quiet. This works for 5 minutes maybe.


Finnaly after another 15 minutes I take her in the house and leave the door open so she can see me.


Alas I finnish cutting the grass.


Any suggestions? No problem with cars. She wanted me off that tractor.

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Yikes! :o Don't let her anywhere near a lawn tractor. Border Collies can have a tendency to nip when excited by moving objects. I have an image in my head of her trying to bite at the tractor and losing body parts. Lock her up someplace she can't see you mowing the lawn.

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Thanks thats what I thought.


No use in trying to train her to sit quietly.


I am glad I put her in the house. My instinct was right.


Could have been a very sad Vet visit.

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yes to all the above. do not let your dog herd the tractor. nova loves it also but i put her in the house. it's really funny-you'd swear i had 4 or 5 border collies 'cause as i ride the tractor around the house, you see a border collie in every window!!


by the way, i was doing the push mowing around the house on monday, when a rock flew out the back and hit my leg. it felt like getting hit with a fast ball with spikes. i'm so glad it was me not one of the dogs. this is how it looks thursday!



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