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MDR1 testing

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That is what I had been told.


Mark, yes and no! I have been using ivermectin for both, mange and hw. But on my dogs who's background I am familiar with. I just added a boy to my crew who I am not sure about. I also am having a huge issue this year as well as last with ticks.

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It is real easy to have them tested from WSU. They send you a kit that includes cheek swabs. You mail them back and they e-mail you the results usually within two weeks. It cost $70 to have one dog done. Because this is the only place that does it, it is cheaper than getting your vet involved because they mail it to a lab that in turn mails it to WSU. I just adopted a rough collie and had her done and she is mutant/mutant so I am glad I did it.

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As the others have said, WSU is the only place. But the cost is reasonable and if it gives you peace of mind, then do it!



According to the American Working Collie Association website, one in three or four collies (25-33%) have two copies of the mutated gene. They state that an additional 50% of collies carry one copy of the gene and that only 20% of collies have two normal alleles. Unfortunately, the results you got are not surprising, given those numbers.


I've never tested my border collies (because the odds of them having a copy of the gene are extemely low), but if I ever got a collie, I'd certainly test because the odds are very much in favor of the dog having at least one copy of the mutated gene.



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