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Puppy Agility Video

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Alrighty, looks like y'all are going to have to educate me. I've about zero knowledge of agility, though it takes a bit from the sport I do with my horse, 3 day eventing.



Physically I saw nothing crazy about the video. I'd certainly have been concerned if he was jumping any height at all with his undeveloped bones, but it looked like the jumps were only an inch or two off the ground. When we start horses stadium jumping, especially young ones, the emphasis is probably 99% ground work and 1% slowly increasing jump height. I assume agility is the same?



Looking at it from another perspective, the more advanced courses ask difficult questions from the horses, and pushing even a scopey horse too fast can fry his brain if he's not ready for the mental challenge. Is that the issue here? The mental questions? Since I have no agility background, I have no idea what that course is asking. Or do you just think he must have worked the pup too much to get him to that level? To my very unknowledgable eyes it just looked like a cute pup having fun. I'd appreciate some education :)

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I'm not an agility/dog health expert by any means, and someone can probably explain this better than me, but I'll try! (and then someone can come in and make more sense ;) )


You do not want to be doing this kind of rigorous training with a baby dog because it stresses the puppy's growing body far too much. It's already put under stress just trying to grow, let alone do repeated motions that the dog would not attempt on it's own. The dog (puppy!) is only 5 months old in the video (or so I heard, correct me if wrong), and they must have been training it do all that for a while now to get where they are.


It stresses the growing joints and body way too much to be safe when you do obstacles like weaving, dog walk, even jumping over and over like that is not good for a dog that young. If the dog were to choose to jump on it's own, say over a log on a walk, is one thing but to have it cued over and over is stressing out it's growing body and putting it at risk for injuries and permanent damage due to too much wear and tear before it's body is ready to support it in rigorous physical activity. It is repeating the same unnatural, trained motions over and over that can result in injuries.


I play tennis, it reminds me of two kids I knew, their Dad taught them to serve in a way that arched their back, you should not be doing this while growing because your muscles are not strong enough at 12 to support it, it's more something you properly learn between 16-18. His son had a bad back injury at 12, and he did the same thing to his younger daughter at 12 as well. They had amazing serves while it lasted, but now they can never play tennis again.


Was it flashy and awesome that these young kids could do it? Yes.

But it's 10x cooler when you can still serve like that at 30.

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Ah- repetitive stress makes total sense....you'd think since we employ the same philosophy with horses I'd make the connection :rolleyes: Guess I don't think that much about how a dog moves naturally.


I've definitely seen too many young horses not "cross-trained" (best way I can describe it) enough break down. Heck I saw the same thing in myself after 20+ years of soccer- my hips had had enough!


I appreciate the insight- maybe I should be looking for more similarities between eventing and agility.



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Yep, good job, Oko! No way I'd have a dog that young weaving. Also, just let the puppy be a puppy! I mean there are lots of fun agility foundation stuff, games and what not, that you can work on with a dog that young, without going overboard.

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