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brag for NADAC tunnelers

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Because the rest of the trial is not going so well ('control' and 'collection' are not in my dog's vocabulary), I feel a need to brag about our performance in the Tunnelers class.


We run NADAC only once per year (because of location) and are still in the Novice classes. For those who do not trial in NADAC, the Tunnelers class consists of ONLY tunnels and one has to twist and turn throughout the tunnel following the course laid out by the judge. There are usually 2 or 3 places on the course where the dog flies out of a tunnel and straight ahead is another tunnel BUT the course twists to the right or left. If your dog is not following your voice or commands, the decoy tunnel is the logical route to the dog. All levels (Elite, Open and Novice) run the same course - i.e. the course is not made easier for us Novice handlers.


Torque really dug in and FLEW around the course. He had a couple of wide turns which really cost time, but then again, many dogs had the same problem at the same locations. He came in first in his class - Yay! - but I was ecstatic to learn that he was second!! overall (not that they keep track of that). He was less than 0.6 seconds behind a national competitor, Deb Hutchison and her dog 'Gabe'. Woo hoo!



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