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Can you get this where you are? Events timetable on the Crufts web site.




I appreciate that Crufts isn't exactly flavour of the year for most people but if anyone is interested in seeing what else goes on other than the breed showing all the live action from the Arena is being shown.


Rather different from Westminster in that respect I think and hopefully gives a clue as to why it's not such a clear cut case of us and them here.


Interesting to watch the different national handling styles and their overlap in the international rounds.


Sorry Obedience folk but they have their own ring.


I'm not trying to start an argument - just thought some agility people on here might be interested. I would be if someone could do the same for any of your big events.

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Do you never get a wall in competition over there?


We don't get them very often but all levels might so need to be happy with them.


We have a panel jump. It's thin, though. No thicker than the jump bars.


I'd love that wall!!


Just saw the heelwork demo. The dog was breathtaking - strong, moved beautifully, perfect focus, lovely working dog. I didn't care for the handler's costume, though, and did find it distracting.


The routine was lovely, though.

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Fun!! I got to see the tail end of one competition, and a Border Collie win. Cool!!


I love that "brick" looking jump that they use.


You'll see wall (aka viaduct) jumps at some of the USDAA trials in the Mid-Atlantic. A few clubs own jumps of this type that have been imported from England.


--- janet

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