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Awesome news and sad news

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Sad news first since it stills kill me. I didn't look at the closing date for AKC nationals. I missed entering her by 1 week. So needless to say we are NOT going to nationals this year. :'-( I can't tell you how much my heart stop when I tries to enter her and it said sorry you are too late. I was like no, that's not right. Sorry my heart still sinks when I think overly long on it.


On to good news. I now have a whole year to get better for agility nationals. Also next year I will be going with my friends, which cuts down on cost! Still hoping/planning to get our 2nd MACH this year and to be working on our 3rd one. She is a blast to run and very forgiving.


On to Troy... :-) I didn't think I would ever get to say this but.... he is starting to turn on to agility. Can't tell you how trilled I am. He has started to be able to work through his highness and still focus on running the course. He even has started to do the border collie crouch on the start line. :-D :D He is now in EXC A Standard and we are still in open jumpers. Really hoping to get out of open! He is running the full course with just green dog errors. He is jumping gorgeously. He is showing drive. Reading crosses. I am soo proud of him! At one trial he had the 2nd fastest time in open. LOL He isn't fast for an agility dog but he is fast compared to how he was running. With Troy I try NOT to fix mistakes and just keep running. These last to trials he did really well. In STD we need to work on collecting to the table. His weaves are beautiful. This last trial the last class in the last day he was stressing and over the edge. Having a dog screaming on the course pushes him over the top! But even when he was stressing we were still able to finish the run! <- that is a huge accomplishments for him! And the fact I was able to run him at all after that screamer... make me trilled!


So the good news! I can now say I have two agility dogs. One just took years to mature. At least I can talk with the other people who have dogs like Troy and be like they do eventually get better.


I do have videos the issue is being able to upload them.

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