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Hello and pup date from us!

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Some of you guys may still remember me and Black Jack. It has been at least a year since I was on here but finally found it again. We have been doing really good. Black Jack is 8 years old now but he is as happy as ever! Since I got Teebo about 3 years ago they have become best buddies. Teebo is outgoing and active so he keeps Black Jack playing and learning that people are ok. Looking back when I adopted Black Jack I would have never thought I would be typing this with my two best friends and toys on my lap but wouldn't chance a min of it. Hope to be around more now!



For those who don't remember us :)


Black Jack then


post-5844-044943500 1326085441_thumb.jpg


Teebo then


post-5844-077633300 1326085606_thumb.jpg


Black Jack and Teebo now


post-5844-017315800 1326085794_thumb.jpg

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Thanks guys! Actually I dont watch football much but when we rescued him I couldnt come up with a name to save my life. Then one day I was at pizza hut and they had the game on and saw Tim Tebow and thought that was a cool name. I tried calling him Teebo and he liked it so it stuck. I just changed the spelling :)

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