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Happily ever after - I hope

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Hi, a lot of you have been with me through Buster's very challenging SA issues. With medication and a companion, the very worst is over. We had been leaving Buster and Romana in the house unsupervised for up to 3 hours without any problems. Monday, my husband left the house for an hour or 2 and didn't get back for 9. A search of the house turned up nothing! Knocking wood multiple times! This makes me very happy since he is 13 this year and I worry about him being outside in his kennel in the really cold weather. He still takes his Clomimpramine twice a day, and if I am late with the meds, he comes to get me. When we are home he follows us around the house to the point that I all but fall over him when I turn around, but he seems to be fine while we are away. Thanks to all for the support and good advice you have given me. This site is the best resource for information of any that I have found.

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