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I am clicker-trained

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I just had one of those "OMG, I can't believe it" moments.


I came across a training video on YouTube I wanted to watch. Since my download speed is slow, I tend to start a video, walk away to do something else while it is downloading, then come back and replay it for viewing. While I was in the kitchen, I heard a clicker -- and my head whipped around to find the source of the sound. (just as I expect my dog to respond) It then occurred to me that the clicker sound came from the video that was downloading. Sheesh. :D :D :D



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Lol, my timing and Ultimate Lameness that I keep warning people about ...I could never get the hang of clicker training. And I got too impatient with myself eventually, threw up my hands and gave up! In fact horror of horrors, my rewards are always delayed. My timing is that bad and this clicker subject reminded me how I had to reverse reward delay to make Eluane understand that her Mama is a Lame-Butt and the rewards will always be delayed! :blink: Pam, pretty hiilarious...I never knew Kelpies knew how to "click- rrrrr" How clever!

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If the microwave or oven timer in my kitchen beeps, Buddy comes to get me, and stares at me very intensely - knowing food is ready, somewhere.


If the beeps go off now, I am well-trained to pay attention to them NOW to avoid the inevitable stare-down from my sheep dog.



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