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Crystals are gone!


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I'm so excited, Willow's urine test came back negative for the Brushite Crystals :D . She was on the Royal Canin SO diet for a month and her and I both disliked it. The food helped with the crystals but it did nothing for her skin and coat which is now dull and straw like. The vet said it has nothing to do with the food but IMO i think it was.

Anyways... Now that I can finally start transitioning Willow back over to a normal puppy food again, what should I get? The vet said I should look for foods that will help her PH stay at 7. Of course I am having a hard time finding anything about PH levels in dog food, any suggestions? I had just switched Willow to Nutro puppy lamb and rice before all of this happened. The vet is saying it was probably from the TOTW I was feeding her prior to the Nutro because of the high protein.

Thank you!

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That's great news about Willow! You must be very relieved. As far as food goes, many of us do not feed puppy formula food to our young'uns. Puppy food can be too high in protein content and it can promote too-rapid growth which can stress the growing bones and joints. I would look for a high-quality kibble with a good ratio of protein to fat and try that. There have been many threads on this board about what constitutes 'high-quality', so if you do a search on 'kibble' you should find plenty of good advice.


Good luck and enjoy Willow's puppyhood! They grow up so fast!



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Amy - What is the good ratio of fat and protein?


I never knew that Puppy food would do this!! So glad I asked.... I think I may try out Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice or lamb and rice... It's in my budget and my Aunt feeds it to her show dogs (she owns Sheltie's ). All of there coats are beautiful and they are very healthy, she also has many champions.


My parents are tying to get me to buy Gravy Train or Dog Chow, that is not happening!! I just want a food I don't have to worry about feeding her that I can afford.

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A good protein to fat ratio is 3:2 (3 parts protein to 2 parts fat; for example 21% protein and 14% fat). Most kibble doesn't meet that exact ratio, but you can find some that are close.


Interestingly, ProPlan is a bit higher priced than I would have expected for the product. Maybe it's not the case in your area, but around here, the ProPlan is more expensive than Diamnond Naturals, which is a mid-range food.


So if you look around, you might find some premium foods that are comparable in price to ProPlan or maybe just a little more expensive.



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