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We are taking on a new adventure, that being the new editors of The Stockdog Journal. Nicole Rhodes has entrusted us with the reins, and stands by us to assist us over the next few months. for those unfamiluar, this publication has been around for decades, originally published under the title The Ranch Dog Trainer.


The Stockdog Journal is the trade publication for owners and handlers of working stock dogs. The magazine focuses on working dogs of all breeds. Dogs on farms and ranches seriously earning their keep are the primary subject matter. Trials are covered also, as they are a showcase for the working stockdog.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for articles for upcoming issues. For our first issue, I have been on the phone with Jennifer Denison, the media cooridinator for the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association, she will be submitting a piece about Ty Openshaw and his dog who was the over all champion at the WSRRA Ranchdog Challenge. I am also in contact with Ronette Bush for a promotional piece about the upcoming Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic Stockdog and Stockhorse Sale and Trial.


If anyone has any news of a special event or person from the east that has either recently occured or is being planned in the first quarter of 2012 please let me know so that we can get on the ball with an interview and photos.


As you can see we are trying to hit the ground running, just pray for us that we don't stumble and fall, we will be working hard to get the next issue into subscribers mailboxes before the end of the year and over the next few issues get things back on schedule. We hope readers continue to support The Stockdog Journal and understand that with each editor change there is always change in the publication.


Over the next few weeks the website, www.stockdogjournal.com will be updated to reflect the change in editors and we have also opened a new Facebook Page, stop on in and visit, please share our page with your friends, https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Stockdog-Journal/299071146777645?sk=wall


Over time we will be posting photos and videos of interest along with previews and follow up to articles that will be covered in each issue.


Deb Meier & Wayne Bamber

10123 150th Street

Alden, IA 50006

515-854-2060 / 641-373-6159


e-mail: Stockdogjournal@yahoo.com


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I went to the Stockdog Journal website and looked everywhere, but did not see anything which said if this publication is a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly magazine. Can you tell me? I am interested in subscribing, but I want to know what exactly I'm paying for. :)

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Good luck, Debbie and Wayne! Are you interested in pictures and stories from trials, or just from ranch or farm work?



We would love to have pictures and stories from trials, the trials are important events and part of the stockdog community.

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Wow, what an amazing endeavor! That sounds like a brave and daunting task to take on, but you seem to be off to a wonderful start! :)


Also, Ty Openshaw is the son of friends of ours, Bud and Kathy O. His maternal grandfather is/was a cowboy preacher and presided over my wedding! :D Hubby and I haven't seen Ty since he was quite young, but we're in touch with his mom via Facebook and we were very proud of his recent win!


In short, I'm going to have to subscribe, if only so I can make sure Ty's mom gets a copy. :-p


Best of luck!


~ Gloria

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