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Targeting Gone Wrong!!

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I am working with Dean on a send to target that will be a send to target-sit and a send to target-down for Cyber Rally. The dog is allowed to touch the target with nose or paws, so I'm using a huge round target that he can put his paws on, or bop his nose against, whichever he chooses.


I decided to make a video of Dean doing this to share with a friend who is out of the country, so I set up the camera, started it, and sent Dean to the target.


In typical Dean fashion, he apparently thought we were working with a brand new target . . . !!!



Hahahahahah. I love this dog! And we are having a blast with training these new exercises. And I think this will remain one of my all time favorite Dean Dog training videos.


Just to be fair to Dean, who is probably the most compliant dog I have ever trained and is actually quite the perfectionist, I should share a successful repetition!!



Very pretty job, but not nearly as entertaining. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Cyber Rally is a new Rally venue. Above the first level, there are a bunch of signs that are very different from the ones in traditional Rally. Above the first level, you work your dog on both the left and the right (you have the option of doing the first level courses with the dog on the right, but there are no transitions in the first level). Many of the exercises are based on skills that one would work in foundation Agility, or in Musical Freestyle (but this is not dancing).


The send to target, sit exercise is one that is different. Serpentine switch, front cross transition, rear cross transition, dog sits while you remain in motion, send over a jump, dog waits, retrieve over jump, etc. etc. etc.


Also, even some of the exercises that are in traditional Rally are a little different. One has the option on a call front, and on finishes, to have the dog remain standing instead of doing a sit. There are exercises where sits are required, but they are less emphasized than they are in traditional Rally. That's because some will use Cyber Rally as a Freestyle foundation and in Freestyle one definitely does not want an automatic sit. But, again, Cyber Rally is not Freestyle - it definitely is an entity unto itself. The sits on these exercises are permitted, so if one desires an automatic sit, that is an option.


Finally, there are no live events in Cyber Rally. You set up the courses where ever you can - a training building, a park, your yard, etc. etc. etc., and have somebody video the run. The video is judged. The run is judged as qualifying or not qualifying and there are titles at all levels. This has been done in Musical Freestyle for quite some time, and is being done now in Agility in the VALOR Project.


It's a lot of fun. I'm starting it with Tessa as a foundation for Freestyle and traditional Rally. I'm starting it with Dean because he is absolutely going to adore learning the exercises - this sort of thing is right up his alley. And I'm starting it with Speedy because he's retired from live events and it is something he will get a kick out of, and he can play in places where he is physically comfortable, without having to spend full days in the car.

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So am curious if the CU mat game would be similar to the sending to a target and sitting/laying down?


Yes, it absolutely can be. Dean is already trained to send to his mat and lie down on it for CU, so for the "Target-Down-Recall" sign, I will use his mat.


I'm using a different target - like that big round monstrosity - for the sit, since he will default down on the mat.


You can use anything you want as a target and the dog can nose touch it, paw touch it, or even sit or lie down on it (but doesn't have to be on it). The dog just can't pick it up.

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