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Toenails and Decking

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We just had our 6th incident of a broken toenail in the last two years. It was the fifth time for this dog. Since we didn't have this problem before in our previous house without decking I'm thinking they are catching their nails in the cracks between the boards. This particular dog tends to take off like a shot off the deck and I think she catches her nail occasionally when she digs in. It's always an outside toe. The rest of the immediate backyard area where the dogs play and run is grass and dirt - no gravel or flower beds, so nothing really for her to catch her nails on there. I also keep their nails trimmed.


I'm kind of tired of taking dogs to the vet to get the torn/broken nail taken care of, so I thought that covering the part of the deck that is the "runway" would help, but not sure what to use that would let moisture through and stand up to the dogs. Right now its wood decking, but we are replacing the deck with Trex or something similar this summer. Any ideas on what would make a good cover?

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like what Sincere Artisan said, you can contact your local industrial laundry (Cintas, Aramark, etc) and ask them if they are getting rid of any entrance carpets. As soon as they get slightly worn looking they are given away or thrown out. We had so many one year we made a 100' slip and slide lined with carpets and our neighbor's ripped pool liner. Musta been 15 carpets at least.

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Great ideas. I'll check with the industrial laundry places. I can also check the State warehouse to see if they are selling any entrance carpets. They sell all sorts of used government furniture, etc. to the public extremely cheap (i.e really nice wood executive desks for about $10). If nothing available there we'll try the outdoor carpeting and see how that works.

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