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  1. She looks just like a dog belonging to a friend of mine that is of known heritage aussie shepherd/ border collie. Pretty dog!
  2. I MUST make it to a trial soon! But in the meantime, watching these videos is extremely interesting (and fun). Now if my computer would quit freezing right at the shed with the Bev/Pippa team. Fun to watch Spottie, Robin!
  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved girl.
  4. I have to take RD's side on this one -looks like food to me. But...sorry for your loss.
  5. Welcome Mike. Tex sure is a nice-looking pup! We live right outside of Raleigh. There are quite a few from NC who post regularly on this board. I would also say crate training now would be a good idea for the reasons above, and so if he hits a chewing phase, and you want to go see a movie, like Harry Potter for example , he'll be safe and sound while you're out.
  6. That's awesome! Loki would love a shelter like that one! My husband built a small "porch" for Loki for jobsites (contractor) and the dog loves having his own place to retreat. Lucky Mya.
  7. Loki is just like Black Jack-another supper pupper- but I insist he eat breakfast because I don't want him eating something from a jobsite (goes to work with husband) during the day. I put something like cheese, hot dog, etc. to tempt him to breakfast, and he knows what I mean when I say "you can't go to work unless you eat your breakfast". Gael would eat anytime anywhere.
  8. Glad that took care of itself-you don't deserve anymore e vet trips!
  9. I feel the prong probably has benefits - Gael actually could breathe easier on a prong than regular collar. But my experience with a prong and gentle leader is exactly like Christy wrote above about her schnauzer mix. I felt Gael, my incessant puller, got more dog aggressive when having the prong on. I'm sure each dog is different, but I know exactly how you feel Christy!! After constant work on this issue, she walks fine unless other dogs on leash are around and then brains go out the window. God forbid she sees dogs working sheep! In those times I think she'd expire on a choke collar.
  10. Always love to see working Lou photos! to Bear - no self-respecting aussie would take that mushy thing for long.
  11. Call and beg. Did you notice right below her profile is the word "solo" talking about another dog. Fate....
  12. Great rescue story! It's so nice to hear a happy ending. Job well done to the rescuers including Piper!
  13. OK..the other side...I think there were times I actually didn't break up with my college boyfriend because I didn't want to lose the border collie . LOVED having a border collie in college. Now married to said boyfriend for 15 years and have another border collie! You sound like a great border collie candidate to me. Just take the advice and get a rescue, or second choice, get a well-bred pup from working stock. Don't give your money to an AKC breeder, backyard breeder, or puppy mill.
  14. To Woo- Gael would like to offer hers-
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